Express Your Love the Right Way this Valentine’s

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Traditionally Valentine’s Day is the day lovers express their love for each other by presenting a gift, card, or flowers to bring a smile to the object of our affection. If you are in touch with the type of love language your Valentine responds to the best, then you are way ahead of the game. The book “The Five Languages of Love” by Gary D. Chapman states if you speak the primary love language to the one you love, you will express genuine love.

So, why not speak your loved one’s language this Valentine’s Day? The five love languages are quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch.

Trying to figure out which love language lights up your lover’s heart is easy. If you have been paying attention to their responses from your partner, you have a good idea what makes them happy or unhappy. Usually they will let you know by a smile or a comment. A smile is positive a reaction. A comment usually expresses something they wish you would do or stop doing. The clues are there.

Quality time can include a nice dinner out, a weekend get away, or just a long walk along the beach with good conversation. If this is what your partner has been requesting lately then you could hit the jackpot by gifting your time by being with them.

Words of affirmation are so often over looked in our daily lives. Writing a letter of affirmation can mean more than a Hallmark card. Words of appreciation, acceptance, or gratitude, can melt anyone’s heart. Express you love through affirmation.

Gifts that have a special meaning are the best! If your partner has mentioned something they needed or would like but cannot justify the money that is your big clue. An emotional gift proves that you have been listening and care about them. This will give your partner the feeling of being heard and are important in their life.

Acts of service is always a winner. Not all of us can afford a gift or weekend away. But an act of service can hold more value than any of those mentioned. So many of us need help with a task that has been sitting on the back burner for months. Completing that task is the ultimate expression of appreciation.

Physical touch can be just a loving hug. Have you hugged your partner lately for no reason? So many of us are on autopilot and give out hugs and kisses with very little connection behind them. A long warm embrace can be embedded into our memory forever. Physical touch can communicate more clearly than words. There is no wrong way to genuinely hug a person.

This Valentine’s Day talk the right language of love and make it memorable!

 – By Shelly Zavala


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