Civics in the City

A Win WiNN for Newport Beach

Newport Beach has a new win-WiNN situation with a new organization called Women in Newport Beach Networking (WiNN). Mayor Diane Dixon along with several community...

Coming Soon to CdM: a ‘Fibrary’

Webster’s Dictionary defines a “mash-up” as a “mixture or fusion of disparate elements.” There are celebrity face mash-ups (think Brad Pitt meets George Clooney,...

Deep Thoughts

A Fire Ring Solution: Divide the Beach

There is much to think and worry about these days. News and stories abound relating to ISIS, executions, Middle East War, racial tensions, discord between...

Glueck Shtick

* Recently Angelina Jolie had to miss the premiere of her movie "Unbroken" because she contracted a case of the mumps. At the same...

English 101

Sunset Ridge: A Park Without Parking

There is a new park in West Newport Beach: Sunset Ridge Park, on the northwest corner of Superior and PCH, on the opposite corner...

Ramifications of Woody’s Lawsuit

In my last column, I discussed how Woody’s Wharf beat the city of Newport Beach in the appeals court after the city’s illegal conduct. One...


Op/Ed: Elect Our Mayor

By Will O’Neill, Newport Beach City Council Member You don’t elect your Mayor in Newport Beach. Instead, your Mayor is chosen by the city council...

Op/Ed: Fear of Flying in the Age of COVID

By Gary Sherwin, President and CEO of Newport Beach & Co. After having to cancel her wedding twice due to Covid19, my oldest daughter is...

Lynn's Spin

Lynn’s Spin – Making Memorable Introductions

I’m sure at one time or another most of us have experienced one of my most dreaded of social faux pas’ – that of...

Lynn’s Spin: My Plush Pedego

I’ll never forget my first bicycle. On Christmas morning 1971, my brother and I ran to the living room anticipating the new bikes we had...