Glueck Shtick

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* Recently Angelina Jolie had to miss the premiere of her movie “Unbroken” because she contracted a case of the mumps. At the same time the National Hockey League reported that 20 players were incapacitated with the mumps. Hmmm…coincidence?

* In an unexpected move, President Obama is attempting to restore normal diplomatic relations with Cuba. Since Obama has only two years left in his presidency, he wants Raul Castro to quickly tutor and teach him all he can about socialism.

* The LA Dodgers now have so many presidents, general managers and other high rankings executives that if all else fails they could field a starting lineup from the front office.

* The Dodgers and Angels have made so many trades and acquisitions lately it reminds me of when I was kid and making trades with baseball cards four at a time. I was the first in the hood to collect all 212 cards in perfect condition. Sure wish I has saved them all! Both the Dodgers and Angels now appear stronger (at least on paper) for 2015.

* My apologies to anyone I may have offended in the course of my sometimes silly columns this year.

* And on a serious note: Happy Holidays to all readers whatever their backgrounds and beliefs may be.


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