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Short Schtick by Glueck

* You Can Believe Us Recently Hoag Hospital announced that it would no longer provide elective abortions. The reason given is the low number of these procedures being performed. Let’s see: After being in existence for approximately 44 years, Hoag Hospital (after only two months...

Legal Wars: California’s Biggest Losers

In its ninth annual survey, Chief Executive Magazine polled 736 CEOs, the largest number ever, about the best and worst states in which to do business. The results should make all of us less than proud–that is, unless you’re a trial lawyer. “The bottom line is that...


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Letter to the Editor: These Are Not Quiet Times

These are not quiet times. A tumultuous election season is upon us at both the local and national level. At the national level, there is some concern that our democracy is being tested. The divisiveness that is being played out currently in our country affects the relationships...

Letter to the Editor: Pavlov and Politics

Almost 130 years ago Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov was studying how digestion worked in mammals. He noticed that when he entered the room wearing a lab coat his dogs began drooling.  They thought it was dinner time. Pavlov then started ringing a bell while feeding Fido. Fido...

Op-Ed: Court Date to Displace Phony Ballot Arguments

On Friday, August 17, the real opponents of the ballot measure being advanced by Team Newport will go to court to displace the phony arguments filed by Team Newport supporter Bob Rush. This ballot measure demonstrates how Duffy Duffield and Scott Peotter are using an amendment to...

Left of Center

Where We Were in 1963

At certain moments we lock onto the details, ever after keeping them near the surface of memory. On November 22, 1963, I was an Army wife, living in Lawton, Oklahoma, about 200 miles north of Dallas, where President John F. Kennedy was touring. As the news that Kennedy had been...

Fifty Shades of Blue

Color can mean so much. A few years back, Albertsons Market in Corona del Mar painted its exterior stucco a particularly rich shade of ocher, resulting in an outcry from color-sensitive residents. Color informs much of what we like and dislike, and how we view the world. After...

Lynn's Spin

Lynn’s Spin: Great Park Celebrates Summer Solstice

It was a picture perfect evening last Friday as we arrived at the Great Park for the Foundation for the Great Park’s “Summer Solstice Celebration” fundraiser to commemorate the first day of summer and honor Foundation Chair, Marian Bergeson for her tireless leadership helping the...
Posted On 29 Jun 2013

Lynn’s Spin: 44 Women for Children

44 Women for Children recently held its Ninth Annual Scholarship Luncheon benefiting Orangewood Children’s Foundation at the Westin South Coast Plaza. Always an inspiring presentation, this year’s keynote speaker at the event was Olympic Gold Medalist Janet Evans, who is...
Posted On 16 Jun 2013

Mom's Voice

Dog Days, Happy Days

Who among us dog-owning moms has not fallen into the cycle? Kids beg for dog, parents provide a litany of responsibilities inherent in caring for a dog, kids promise to feed, clean up after, bath and walk dog. Dog is adopted. Novelty of custodial duties wears off. Kids need...
Posted On 25 May 2013

Mom’s Voice: Copy That, 10-4…Over and Out.

My mom bought Wyatt a pair of cheap plastic walkie talkies from CVS this past Monday. It’s good to know that walkie talkies still have relevance in our digital, high tech, 4G world. Truth is, I don’t even understand the science behind how these simple communication devices work....
Posted On 18 May 2013

Mother’s Day to All!

Happy Mother’s Day!   Whether you’ve got one on the way, are celebrating for the first time, or you’re a veteran with grandkids, this Sunday is dedicated to you.   Who else would pick a pair of socks up off the floor and instinctively sniff them? And how about the fact that we...
Posted On 16 May 2013

My Turn

Stocking Stuffers and Black Friday

Contrary to what you’ve heard, Black Friday is not a religious holiday. My daughter, who knows about these things, tells me it is named in honor of girls with black belts in shopping. For the rest of us, that could mean we’re still stymied over what gifts we can get...
Posted On 23 Nov 2012

Freaking Out the NRA

Sometimes a little event can underscore life’s hypocrisies. My last reminder came when I had to get approval from my homeowners’ association to remove an outdated trellis from my front entry. Surrounded as I am by anti-government, free-market types, you’d think...
Posted On 09 Nov 2012

Sugar Mama

The Straight Scott

That's My Take

New Leaders Are Out There, If We Want Them

By Dr. Gloria Alkire In the upcoming election there are two incumbents seeking reelection and one open seat as Steve Rosansky hits his term limit.  It is time for our community to consider whether to seek new leaders or stay the course, and who will step up to run the race....