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The Boston Braves

*Worthy of Commendation First our heartfelt love, prayers, thoughts, and admiration for the people and police of Boston. In five days following the Marathon Bombings the FBI, Boston police, other law enforcement agencies and the “people” (using social networks) did a seemingly...

From Lawyers to Baseball to War to Manhattan

*A Turnabout: Lawyer Must Pay Patient As you have heard before from me, Orange County is not only one of the most litigious counties in California, but in the entire nation. So any good news on lawsuits from here or elsewhere is welcome. A reader sent me an abstract about a...


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Letter to the Editor: Another Week of Chaos in Newport Beach

Another week of chaos in Newport Beach. Scott Peotter was put on the Finance Committee, ensuring his dangerous and expensive “ideas.” previously dismissed by the Finance Committee will be brought back again and again. Peotter told the Finance Committee and its member Larry Tucker...

Letter to the Editor: A Good Day for Residents

As someone who is occasionally critical of the city council, I think it is appropriate to offer a word of thanks when it is due. Last Tuesday, the council rejected Councilman Scott Peotter’s proposal to implement the City of Irvine political patronage model for the City Finance...

Letter to the Editor: Birdseye Perspective of Koll Center Residences

I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the “Birdseye Perspective” of the Koll Center Residences on the City of Newport Beach web site. In addition to the other problems with this massive project, it is completely out of character with the surrounding buildings with its size and...

Left of Center

On Christian Exclusivity

Few religions foster a searching approach to spirituality…. A small cadre of intellectual Catholics delved into the nature of God, of Christ, of the Gospels, of the soul and life after death. Sadly, many of those found themselves in trouble. Delving leads to questioning, and...

On Trash and Treasure

You might call them the humble face of our city, the men who collect our trash each week. Likely they’re the city employees you see most regularly, more so than the police and firefighters who protect us in times of need, or the city councilmembers who represent our interests....

Lynn's Spin

Ukulele Impresario Captured on Film

I was born in Hawaii and grew up listening to Hawaiian music, which included lots of ukulele tunes. I even learned how to hula to “Ukulele Lady” as a girl. So when our editor asked me to write about the documentary “Jake Shimabukuro: Life on Four Strings” for this special edition...
Posted On 26 Apr 2013

A Compassionate Calling

This Sunday we’ll be heading to Santa Ana for a grand Fiesta in support of the St. Francis Home, a retirement community run by the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. This is our third year attending the fundraiser at the women-only retirement home where my 95 year...
Posted On 13 Apr 2013

Mom's Voice

Mom’s Voice: ‘Walk On’ is Guaranteed Inspiration

When our phone call ended, I sat in silence for a moment. It’s not every day one talks to such a remarkable person. I tried to imagine the memories he shared:  that day in the doctor’s office, and the day at theater camp. Or the time in high school in when he signed up for auto...
Posted On 19 Apr 2013

Let’s Roll at Film Festival

The Newport Beach Film Festival begins in just two weeks and with it, scores of independent movie premieres. I savor that silent buzz of anticipation in the dark just before the screen explodes to life, speakers vibrating with accompanying music. My skin is awash in goose bumps...
Posted On 13 Apr 2013

Singing the Praises of Progress

In Judaism, the cantor is an integral part of the clergy, performing many duties in the synagogue.   While a cantor’s main job is to sing and chant prayers during the services, other responsibilities include leading a choir, teaching classes, counseling, and at times, performing...
Posted On 06 Apr 2013

My Turn

How I’m Voting on the Propositions

I have two rules when it comes to weighing the propositions on the California ballot. The first is to be very suspicious of the motives of people who sponsor these things and give them really tempting titles aimed at bleeding heart liberals such as myself or tax-hating...
Posted On 12 Oct 2012

MY TURN: Let’s Stick to Issues and Work Together

By Assemblyman Allan Mansoor A few weeks ago, Newport Beach Mayor Pro Tem Keith Curry used these pages to imply that I am unwilling to work with the residents of Newport Beach. Nothing could be further from the truth. It seems Keith is upset because Scott Peotter, a regular Indy...

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