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Forum: Critical Connections

We are all so fortunate living in one of the best areas in the nation, which some of us sometimes take for granted. I am not just talking about the kind people or the great weather or the nice and clean environment, but about the “connect” which is more fundamental for the...

OP/ED: Taj-Ma-City-Hall Audit

By Scott Peotter | Special to the NB Indy We Needed an Adult in the Room! The city’s auditors of the Taj-Ma-City-Hall made a presentation of their draft report last week. The bottom line? The City went over its own inflated budget by $29.3 Million and there is $1.2 Million in...

Newport Needs to Improve Assessment District Process

As Yogi Berra might have said about undergrounding assessment districts in Newport Beach, “It’s deja vu all over again!”  Proposed districts continue to be fought over while the city pretends to be impartial. Undergrounding is being debated once again, this time...

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Program Helps Vets Dress for Success

Y’all know that I am a big supporter of our military, and I thank my lucky stars our editor Roger Bloom allows me to give them – and the organizations that support them – a little ink now and then. So when I heard about Goodwill of Orange County’s new Boots to Suits...
Posted On 10 Feb 2012

Mayur Restaurant Has Served Owner Well

“He who has why to live, can bear almost any how.” – Nietzsche When Anju Kapoor, owner-operator of Mayur restaurant in Corona del Mar, left her comfortable home in India for the U.S., she never dreamed her young life would unfold through myriad unexpected challenges and...
Posted On 03 Feb 2012

Mom's Voice

My Life in Piles

I like to think of the piles of paper that seem to plague the majority of my counter space as the physical manifestation of a life richly blessed with many opportunities and experiences.  Each paper representing something of importance or urgency. I would like to think of them...

The World of Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the golden age of childhood. It is the brief and wonderful time in a child’s life when he or she has been around long enough to acquire a bit of logic. But with a worldview that can fit through the eye of a needle, and no social filter; coupled with the ability to...

Kite Flight

      Flying kites is the kind of thing you think you will do all the time with your kids before you are a mother. On any given blustery March day you would announce to your children who are seated diligently working on their homework without being asked, “He...

My Turn

The Value of ‘Value-Added’ Teacher Scoring

  By Tim Brown I am a teacher, and as you might imagine, a number of my friends, family and colleagues have asked me for my reaction to the LA Times “value added” statistical analysis of math and English scores to estimate teaching effectiveness. I have also been asked...

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