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  (Re: “City Eyes Ban on Leaf Blowers,” NBI, 9/3:) What happens to brooms? They used to use brooms and it worked fine. Using a simple broom would confine the dust and waste to a more finite area and moreover, did not pollute the environment with hydro-carbonic waste and...


  Cable bills could fall as much as 13 percent if cable and satellite customers could choose the channels they want. Why should we pay for what we would never use, such as Russia Today, The Golf Channel, Playboy, Cartoon Network? And we want more control over what comes in...


  Too many Californians are without jobs and have been for much too long. According to US Labor Department June estimates, 2.24 million Californians are out of work, an increase of 27,600 jobless Californians compared to May. At 12.3 percent, the unemployment rate in...

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