Newport Banning Ranch: What We’re Not Being Told

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Gosh, it almost feels like the election season is still underway what with all the newspaper advertisements and mailers from the Newport Banning Ranch development team informing us of all the wonderful features planned for the Banning Ranch, a 401-acre parcel of land in West Newport Beach.

The latest mailer advises us to “Get the Facts. Stay Informed. Get Engaged.”

Here are some of the facts that seem to be mysteriously missing from this rosy picture (reference City of Newport Beach certified EIR, July 2012).

  • The development will result in 15,000 additional new vehicle trips per day on our already congested roads.
  • The size and scope of the proposed development is the maximum allowed by the City of Newport Beach General Plan consisting of 1,375 homes, 75,000 square feet of commercial development, a 75-room resort hotel, and a 4-lane primary highway connecting 15th Street to West Coast Highway.
  • The project entails more than ten years of grading and construction, including excavation of 2.6 million cubic yards of toxic soil.

Consider what we, the residents of Newport Beach, must endure during this 10 year-long development cycle and the ongoing impacts at project completion, including a significant increase in traffic, and the resulting noise and air pollution at unsafe levels.

In situations like this, there are two sides to every story: the developer’s side and the residents’ side. Be sure you have both and that you know what best addresses your interests and concerns about our precious quality of life in Newport Beach.

This is just another way of saying don’t believe everything you’re being told. And yes, be sure to get the facts, stay informed, and get engaged.

I am and I hope you do, too.

Dorothy Kraus

Newport Beach


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