Hoag to Offer Technology to Detect Lung Cancer Earlier and More Accurately

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Hoag cios spin

A new lung cancer screening technology is now available at Hoag Family Cancer Institute in Orange County, empowering physicians with greater accuracy in diagnosing lung cancer earlier, when it is most treatable.

Hoag is integrating the Cios Spin imaging equipment with the 3D imaging of Hoag’s Ion Robotic-Assisted Bronchoscopy to diagnose lung cancer earlier, more accurately and less invasively.

“We are offering patients technologies that work together to help diagnose lung cancer earlier and potentially save lives. Real-time, intra-procedural CT-like images, combined with robotic bronchoscopy, give us better diagnostic capabilities in a less invasive manner,” said Javier Longoria, M.D., a fellowship-trained interventional pulmonologist at Hoag Family Cancer Institute. “We can now catch cancer earlier, with less risk to the patient.”

The technology comes to Hoag thanks to a generous gift by Hoag Innovators, a group of philanthropists, entrepreneurs and community leaders who are dedicated to catalyzing innovation at Hoag.

“Our mission is to provide funds to support Hoag in acquiring advanced technologies and implementing innovative services necessary to offer world-class health care right here in Orange County,” said Robert Brunswick, founder of Hoag Innovators. “By improving the accuracy of lung biopsies, we have the potential to save countless lives.”

Identifying early-stage lung cancer is important in preventing metastasis and improving outcomes. Traditional approaches, however, cannot always pinpoint the exact tissue to biopsy, which affects doctors’ early diagnostic capabilities.

The Cios Spin will allow surgeons to receive real-time, 3D confirmation of positioning while the robotic bronchoscope is advanced through the airway. The combination of the two technologies will make robotic assisted bronchoscopy every bit as accurate as traditional percutaneous CT guidance while maintaining the safety profile that is already inherent in the procedure.

Using the Ion robotic bronchoscope with the Cios Spin system provides greater accuracy in diagnosis of lung cancer while having a complication rate that is 10 times less than CT guided biopsies. As a result, fewer follow up procedures are necessary, coupled with the potential ability to both diagnose and treat a lesion in the same procedure, which improves both medical results and patient experience.

“Adding the Cios Spin to our diagnostic toolbox gives lung cancer patients a better chance at battling their illness and further elevates Hoag’s position as the preeminent leader in Orange County for beating a lung cancer diagnosis,” Dr. Longoria said.

For more information about Cios Spin, visit www.hoag.org/cancer.

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