It’s Always a Dog Day on Balboa Island

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Maisy and owner Madeline Jenkins. — NB Indy Photo ©
Maisy and owner Madeline Jenkins.
— NB Indy Photo ©

All too frequently this winter, we’ve experienced what accurately can be termed “Dog Days,” an expression usually associated with the hottest period of the year. Historically, the term Dog Days coincided with the heliacal rising of Sirius, the Dog Star.

On Balboa Island, it doesn’t matter the time of year or the temperature of the air, for every day around Balboa Island can be termed a “Dog Day.”

The Westminster Dog Show has nothing on the types of pooches parading around the island.

The World Canine Organization (the largest registry of dog breeds in the world) recognizes 339 breeds divided into 10 groups based on purpose, function or appearance.

One source claimed that there are 50,000 breeds, with more coming on scene annually.  But this writer is guessing that peripatetic pups sneaking out on their own behind fences or fire hydrants have created the majority of those listings in what can only be termed “UCA,” or Unleashed Canine Assignation.

Wade and owner Mike Walker. — NB Indy Photo ©
Wade and owner Mike Walker.
— NB Indy Photo ©

There is much to see when walking around Balboa Island – the boats, myriad bird and sea life, locals, visitors of many cultures, beautiful homes through their spotless bay windows, and of course, “man’s (and woman’s) best friends.”

Because not everyone can find the time to walk Balboa Island, the Indy has taken upon itself to bring dogs to our readers a regular Slideshow photo feature called “Dog Days.”

Our first featured best friend is Wade, a female, is an 8 1/2 year old Portuguese Water Dog, happily hypoallergenic and non-shedding. Wade and her owner, Mike Walker, walk the island several times a week. As nature would dictate, Wade loves the water, “but only if it’s calm,” Walker shared.

Our next canine companion, Maisy, is an adoptee from the Greater Los Angeles Golden Retriever Rescue Center by the Jenkins family of Balboa Island.

She is seen with 19-year-old Madeline Jenkins, who was home for Easter break from the University of Oregon, where she’s a freshman studying Art History. Maisy gets to go on a walk every morning around 6 a.m. Many residents may know Madeline, as she grew up on Balboa, and is a summer waitress at Wilma’s Patio. And most early risers know Maisy.

Got a canine candidate to be profiled on this page? Contact the writer at [email protected] .com and send details on your dog plus a photo.

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