Laguna Beach Startup Celebrates the Sun with Sun Patch

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Laguna Beach mom and avid sun lover Gena Griffin was inspired by repeat applications of sunscreen to come up with the idea for a long wear assist to sunblock that she named Sun Patch. Sun lovers know that the sun’s rays can vary depending on where they hit the body, so Griffin invented Sun Patch, which she calls the missing element needed for hours of play under UV rays.

Added sun protection usually takes the form of greasy black smudges under the eyes or adhesive tape that pulls at the skin. In developing Sun Patch, Griffin wanted to create a product that could be easily applied, looks great and protects areas that need it most.

Skin protection is a primary focus of Sun Patch, so keeping the patches free of chemical additives while also being soft on the skin was a goal that Griffin was excited to meet. Currently the easy to apply, long-lasting and reusable silicone gel patches are designed for under the eyes. Plans to create shapes for other high-sun places are in the works.

All around, the product is being championed by outdoor enthusiasts that paddleboard, ski and skate but also those that enjoy gardening, running and other outdoor activities.

The common thread is the sun.

Griffin shares this love with her core clientele which comes through when you experience her excitement about the product.

“We understand the importance of sunscreen and Sun Patch is this intuitive solution to a need that many of us have already known exists,” said Griffin.

Sun Patch is available for purchase at as well as Amazon, with plans for wider distribution in the coming year.

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