Letter to the Editor: Why Recall Scott Peotter?

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If you are interested in learning why a group of responsible citizens is trying to recall Newport Beach Council Member Scott Peotter but have been too busy to visit a recall table in various locations around town, you can do research in the comfort of your own home by visiting the website recallscottpeotter.com.

You will find there many reasons for this recall movement, not just the issues of…

 1)  Mr. Peotter’s past record of voting for zoning changes to increase density and for high rise development.

 2)  Mr. Peotter repeatedly has shown little or no consideration of concerns expressed by the residents. When the City Council rescinded the Museum Tower 26 Story Development, Mr. Peotter voted not to rescind the development and ignored the signatory voice of nearly 14,000 of his constituents. 

3)  Mr. Peotter broke the law. He was recorded disclosing confidential closed session information and was subsequently reprimanded by the council.

 If you think that you are still too busy to get involved, you might want to reconsider. Chances are you could find that you have even less free time in the future when you have to fight increasing traffic in Newport Beach. 

 Tom Baker

Newport Beach

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