Letter to the Editor: 5G is Safe, Improves Connectivity

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*EDITOR’S NOTE: Letter is in response to Herman Kelting’s “Letter to the Editor: Concern Over Increased Power Densities That 5G Brings to the Coast” *

Herman Kelting has written to warn your readers about the level of cellphone radio-frequency radiation on the California shores. Most of his measurements revealed minimal exposures; while the worst was 1000 times below limits set by the FCC. These limits are based on standards set by international engineering and medical organizations and are extremely conservative. The consensus of these organizations is that non-ionizing fields at the levels allowed by the FCC regulations are safe. All cellphones and cellphone infrastructure are required to meet FCC standards and this will remain true with 5G.

Rather than wasting time on dubious claims about the safety of wireless technology, perhaps we should be thinking about the benefits that increased connectivity will bring to things like business, emergency response, remote medicine, smart cities, and the robotic vehicles of the future.

Eric Swanson
Professor of Physics, University of Pittsburgh
Consultant to CTIA, The Wireless Association

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