Letter to the Editor: It’s Time for Newport Beach to Elect it’s Mayor

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Last year was a civic awakening for a lot of people. They learned quickly what government could do for and against us.

This included all different levels of government, from Washington, D.C. to Sacramento to our own City Hall. And more than just knowing that our city’s leadership was important, we went through an election cycle where people thought that they were electing the Mayor because the Mayor was on the ballot.

Only, that’s not what they were electing. They were re-electing a City Council Member to another term on the City Council in the year where he was serving as a Mayor.

Confused? So were a lot of people.

The system we have sets up voters for confusion. But there is a simple path. Elect City Council Members from the people who want to run for that specific position and elect the Mayor from people who run to be Mayor.

No more intermediaries. No more accusations of backroom deals. It’s well-educated voters choosing their vision.

It’s time for Newport Beach to Elect Our Mayor.

Justin & Susie McKibben / Newport Beach

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