Letter to the Editor: Katrina Foley Will Bring Fresh Ideas to Board of Supervisors

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In 2018 Orange County elected a group of leaders who brought a people and goal-oriented philosophy to Congress and the California Assembly.

Now those of us who live in District 2 are going to get the opportunity to elect a like-minded individual to the County Board of Supervisors.

Katrina Foley, the first elected Mayor of Costa Mesa, is running for that position (vacated by Michelle Steel) against a field of three other candidates. Just as representatives Katy Porter, Gil Cisneros, Harley Rouda, and Cottie Petrie-Norris brought fresh new ideas and enthusiasm to their newly elected positions in 2018 to counter the stale politics of “no new taxes” and Republican domination at all costs, Katy is running to bring the same spirit to the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

The negative role that the Board of Supervisors played during the pandemic should speak to those of us who disliked that they initially did nothing to help people and businesses in the County prepare for the devastating loss of lives and businesses.

Similarly in other city councils surrounding Costa Mesa, rarely was the loss of lives to the pandemic ever emphasized.

Katrina Foley, in contrast, sought to help the community by requiring masks and attempting to enforce the mask rule, which was a difficult task when the surrounding cities and the BOS refused to do the same. The Board needs someone of Katrina’s positive philosophy to make it pertinent again.

Katrina had an amazing list of achievements even before she became Mayor.

As a mother and practicing attorney, Katrina took time out of her busy life to serve on the Newport-Mesa School Board where she advocated for college affordability and job training. She also served on the boards of several local non profits and commissions.

In law school she established the school’s first women’s law resource center.

Katrina’s list of awards is lengthy also, including being in the top 100 most influential leaders in the Orange County Register, Daily Pilot and LA Style Magazine to name a few.

Although Harley Rouda and Gil Cisneros lost their seats in the 2020 election, most likely Harley will be back to champion the same causes as Katrina: Housing and Homelessness, Education and Job Training, and the Environment and the Future.

Each time we elect one of these outstanding, energetic, people-oriented candidates, the closer we come to enlightening and aiding people and small businesses in Orange County.

Lynn Lorenz / Newport Beach

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