Newport Resident Launches Fragrance Line to Benefit Anti-Human Trafficking

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Amanda Meyer

Can a perfume help promote anti-human trafficking?

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, but for Newport Beach resident Amanda Meyer, she is promoting awareness every day of the year through her new fragrance line, Elia Parfum (Elia was her mother’s maiden name).

Meyer is donating 10 percent of the sales from her fragrance line to A21, a global anti-human trafficking organization.

“This past year has been challenging and unique for all of us and has provided me time to reflect and reprioritize my life. I decided to pursue my passion of empowering women and fighting human trafficking with my love for fashion, scents, and desire to help others on a greater scale,” explained Meyer. “Today more than ever, people are awakening to social injustices and looking for ways to give back and put their money toward companies that support worthwhile causes. Creating a perfume that helps give women confidence while knowing they are making a difference in the lives of others, is an invaluable gift.”

Elia 1

According to information from Elia Parfum, the fragrance line’s debut scent is Elia No.1, a blend of citrus, florals, and musk. The floral notes of gardenia, tuberose, English Rose, jasmine, and peony give this scent life and femininity, while a citrus note of orange blossom gives a burst of freshness. The musky base notes are designed to blend with natural pheromones.

“I have a very acute sense of smell,” notes Meyer on her Elia Parfum website. “Working in the fashion industry my nose has had the privilege of smelling some of the best notes the fragrance world has to offer. Spending so much time around designers I got to know what fragrant notes are complemented by others and how scent can open up differently on everyone’s skin. The base notes of Elia No. 1 blend with your natural pheromones to uniquely smell different on each wears’ skin, allowing you to feel original and smell intoxicating. In wearing Elia No.1, I want women to smell incredible, feel confident, and know they’re making a difference because each purchase is connected to a very important cause.”

Elia Parfum fragrance line

Elia No. 1 is available in 5, 10 and 50ml bottles, rollerballs, and soy candles, with prices ranging from $20 to $120. The scents are available online at

Elia Parfum has already donated over $5,000 to A21, which has 18 locations across 13 countries. Established 12 years ago, A21 is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to end human trafficking through outreach and education; partner with authorities on programs to rescue victims and convict human traffickers; and provide aftercare for survivors through relocation and other services.

Meyer has a goal of growing her company so she can support even more organizations.

Elia Parfum
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