Letter to the Editor: Lisa Pearson for Newport-Mesa USD School Board

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I met Lisa Pearson back in those blissful days of volunteering in the Kindergarten classroom of our first born children. We were wide eyed and happy to help. We quickly bonded over our shared hopes for our kids, and our love of Lincoln Elementary School. Soon we were attending PTA meetings and signing up for even more opportunities to serve.

It is with complete confidence and unbridled enthusiasm that I write to you today to recommend my friend for NMUSD School Board Zone 4!

Over the years I’ve watched Lisa apply her classroom teaching experience, her motherly instincts, her fine-tuned organizational skills, and her endless generosity, to huge jobs like school play producer and PTA President.

Under her leadership at both Lincoln and CDM High School, there have been great successes, much needed funds raised, educational goals achieved, and all with a refreshing lack of controversy.

Our kids have grown, but Lisa has never left the educational environment. As she shepherded her youngest through school choices based on specific learning needs, she even developed a special program at a local private school that has helped others as well.

Everyone in our community knows that our schools are some of the highest ranked in the nation, but recently there has been a politically motivated effort to denigrate those who work diligently to maintain that excellence we expect.

The NMUSD school board position is non-partisan, and I can attest after 20 years of lively conversations spanning countless election seasons, that Lisa respects political differences and always leads with a listener’s ear and a peacemaker’s heart; she will never let politics guide her decisions.

Lisa Pearson cares about the mental health and well being of the children, high standards in the classroom, respect for parental involvement, and attention to keeping our schools safe.

Vote for Lisa Pearson for NMUSD School Board Zone 4.

Summer Bailey-Bress / Newport Beach

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