Letter to the Editor: Time for a Change

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As a Newport Beach resident, I am very troubled by the fact Mayor Duffy Duffield has skipped the recent Speak Up Newport Candidate forum and, along with the other incumbent council members, has not confirmed their participation in the Feet to the Fire Forum.

If they will not appear publicly and answer the public’s questions, they should not be reelected.

I am also concerned that Scott Peotter and Duffield refuse to answer the question regarding Duffield’s employment of Peotter. As residents, I think we have the right to know if Peotter’s vote is compromised by his employment with Duffield (or vice versa).

The behind the scenes ouster of City Manager Dave Kiff, the phony ballot measure, and the refusal to answer questions from the public and the insulting comments by Bob McCaffrey have convinced me it is time for a change.

I’ll be voting for Joy Brenner and Tim Stoaks.


Craig B. Smith

Newport Beach

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