Mayor’s Message: Hope Lives Here in Newport Beach

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Mayor Will O’Neill

By Newport Beach Mayor Will O’Neill

Many of you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’ve heard friends and residents discuss their personal connections to this insidious disease these past few weeks. Thank you to all who have shown unity and support through messages of hope.

I was fortunate to attend the ribbon cutting this year at the City of Hope’s Newport Beach location. In conversations, I have been reminded that despite our reputation for healthy lifestyles, Newport Beach and Orange County are not immune to the one-in-three statistic for Americans who will receive a cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately, I have also learned that our local breast cancer rate is growing faster than the national average.

Consider this my plea to get the word out about prevention, early detection, and local cancer resources. We must also support our health care professionals, including researchers and scientists, who are dedicated to treating and curing this terrible disease.

Right here in this city, we have some of the nation’s leading clinical scientists translating laboratory breakthroughs into the latest treatments. These are phenomenal efforts that need our recognition and backing.

The good people at City of Hope Orange County asked us all to raise our voices, offering personal videos describing our desire to finally put an end to cancer. Business leaders, cancer survivors, health care professionals, and many others joined in, inspiring us all.

This year has been filled with health care challenges, and too many people have been impacted by illness. We have not and will not lose sight of the good work that is being done to improve our overall well-being. There is reason to be encouraged, especially here in Newport Beach. The way that our community comes together gives us confidence.

I’m proud of what we do here in Newport Beach to support one another. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an excellent time to remember that it’s in our power to support a healthier future for us all.

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