Moment for Health: Good Morning Breakfast!

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The human body requires great care and mornings are the perfect time to pay reverence to all it does.

Yoga moves such as sun salutation while the day is beginning awakens the cells to its purpose of nourishing our body and gives peace to our soul.

Nighttime while we sleep is a very busy time for the body, breaking down cells, rebuilding, organizing and of course creating the life that allows our consciousness physical mobility.

Mornings are where we start every day, hopefully fresh and anew to live, work, breathe in the mighty holographic empire that paints our world. Understanding mornings can bring health from the very start of the day.

Here’s a tip: upon rising, take three full deep breaths, and drink a tall glass of tepid water with lemon juice in it. Drink slowly. Feel its life-giving force trickle into every recess of your body. The lemon helps to cleanse the liver and the water flushes out the hard workings the body did during the night to prepare for another day of living.

Detox is a fad word these days, for most an excuse to continue the kind of living that promotes sickness and ill health, or used for weight loss purposes without modifying the diet that for the most part caused the weight gain in the first place.

Drinking fresh juices or popping pills daily, weekly, monthly in the name of detox needs to be examined closely and its purpose reset.

The body knows the value of detoxing and does it, or should, every day through bowel movements and urination. The thought that bowel movements are personal, and to go a couple of days without pooing is acceptable poses the question, what’s happening to the body as the waste sits in the intestines?

Look at a pile of rotting animal and plant material and you get an idea. It is the process of life. But for a healthy, vibrant body, getting it out on a daily basis or better yet, twice a day, is the body’s own natural way of detoxing. If you think eating whatever you want, then juicing to help eliminate toxins is healthy, think again. You are what you eat, and that old saying continues its truth today.

Back to mornings. The body runs on many cycles, but there are key times the body shifts into three modes: elimination, appropriation and assimilation.

During early morning from about 4 a.m. to noon the body is in elimination mode after the body’s nightly works of breaking down old cells and building new ones.

From noon to about 8 p.m. eating and digestion is its main concern, placing a lot of its energy into this function. And from around 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. the body is assimilating, absorbing and using nutrients to build the body.

Another tip: eating a heavy breakfast that requires more digestion will actually stop the elimination process so the body can start the break-down of the food it just received. Think energy. Heavy foods such as meats and cheeses (protein and fat) require more energy from the body to break down. Easily digestible foods that require minimal digestion, such as fruit, yogurt, and fresh juices, will keep the body in elimination mode because all the body’s energy isn’t needed to digest. Mind you, this is a simple understanding. Of course the body is working all kinds of things while we eat, talk, or laugh. But the most energy put out by the body is towards digestion.

So another tool in the quest for health is to keep the mornings light in mind, body and spirit. Rise with a smile, eat simply and give thanks for the new day.


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