Moment for Health: Balancing Your Lifestyle with Purpose

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Convictions thoroughly examined and deemed worthy for the betterment of the world can send us into an abundant life of self-fulfillment.

This topic certainly starts to slip into the realm of emotional well-being and how to sustain happiness, but the whole idea of gaining purpose in whatever you are doing also points to sustained physical health and all around well-being.

Kelly Lam is a wellness expert, yoga instructor, host of ActiveMe, and co-founder of The Whole Purpose based in Newport Beach.

The Whole Purpose brings wonderful tools for a balanced lifestyle that offers individuals and corporations a focused approach to physical, as well as emotional, well-being through two key items: Mindful Wellness and Conscious Communication.

It is an innovative and integrative method that teaches how to be happy from the inside, out. Mindful wellness teaches people to Eat Clean, Move Clean and Think Clean all for balanced physical health.

What is meant by Eat Clean? Literally eating as directly from the earth as possible, leaving processed foods to stay standing on grocery shelves and heading over to the fresh produce aisle. Eat seasonally grown fruits and vegetables for optimum nutrition since produce flown in from other countries are not left to ripen or mature, leaving them want of many vitamins and minerals.

Eating clean means if you must buy packaged goods, read the labels. Kelly teaches what to look for on labels, following the basic adage that fewer ingredients is more, and that sometimes it’s just as easy to make it yourself as it is to buy it packaged.

She also understands that the love and pleasure of eating is ingrained deeply inside our brains, so straying off the path is ok and no need to feel guilty. Indulging in decadent desserts or cocktails is bound to happen.

Take to the “three bite rule” instead of depriving yourself. Just have three bites of whatever edible temptation calls out. By three bites, the brain is triggered and satisfies the sweet tooth, so after a few minutes, the craving subsides enough where willful intention can take over.

Being a very busy person herself, Kelly understands the attraction of the occasional vending machines and fast foods and teaches how to make the smarter choice if those are the only options available.

Forgoing high-caloric sauces or choosing a salad instead of fries makes for a healthier meal. We eat better, therefore we feel better, and ultimately we play and work better.

Move Clean is all about incorporating movement into your day, such as yoga, pilates, hip-hop, whatever gets your groove on so the whole body gets a work out.

Eight hours sitting at a desk can unbalance the body, create poor posture and bring on a whole lot of achy body parts. Movement classes brought into corporate offices every week like yoga actually increases productivity amongst the employees, decreases sick time and relieves tension throughout to provide a calm and cooperative work environment. It seems the more the employer gives, the more the employees give back with their vitality and enthusiasm.

Think Clean is often overlooked and merely speaks of purposeful communication. Be mindful how you communicate with others – family, co-workers or clients. Say the right thing. Open communication with kind words, understanding and compassion underline better ways to get a point across or to address difficult issues. Keep stress at bay, especially with holiday madness upon us. Deep breaths and counting ten before answering does wonders for communication and nurtures respect for one another.

Kelly brings the human side to being healthy and always teaches that tomorrow holds a new day.

“Spy alive” is a saying she uses, meaning keep watch over the day, and realize if in the middle of a diet or cleanse a happy hour spoils your health streak, just start again and try for a better tomorrow; even if a day turns into weeks, make a u-turn and get back on track.

This light and very accepting way to better your health relieves anxiety when locked into a regimental program, one that might be impossible to sustain.

A program of no judgment promotes a positive atmosphere that says we are doing our very best each day, which is a significant component for a healthier lifestyle.

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