Moment for Health: Our Ghouls Within

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garlic2There is a world so small, so intricate in its travels through its dark pathways that the human population in health and vigor gives nay a thought to its daily existence.

This world contains thousands upon thousands of obedient subjects where its might in numbers can topple a grown man. They operate in such clever and evil ways yet always giving clues of their plans to overrun and conquer if given the chance.

Always a war for them, they spring up like programmed robots to replicate their numbers and storm the intricate systems of the universe they love to thrash, to eradicate, to annihilate in their vampirish ways.

It is then that we find out we’re playing host to an army of Frankenstein monsters inside our bodies, freaks along side our cells that want revenge for their unwanted survival.

And so the watery eyes, sore throats and incessant sneezing signals our own internal troops are battling for their lives deep within our bodies. But these immune soldiers, savvy to their robotic tactics, spew out powerful weapons against these ghoulish foes so victory reigns throughout our inner world and the box of Kleenex may sit lonely in the cupboards once again.

Yet there are times when those internal soldiers lie weak and outnumbered and beg to the heavens for more support. It is then we must finally comply and support our body’s needs with better care and fill it with immune boosts it needs so the monsters can trample no more.

Oh, hail the king of kings, the simple bulb that helped forge the workers to build the pyramids and kept the Transylvania vampires at bay.

The simple vegetable we know as garlic can fit into most any meals or be simply popped in pill form so friends can stay friends. The antimicrobial activity lends the perfect weapon for immune system support and wards off the pathogens from growling and gnawing at cells like werewolves at a full moon feast.

But what else can thwart the dastardly throngs that want to blast our health to smithereens?

Where snuffles turn into mounds of kartoffles shoved inside the nose, its best to leave the liver clean, forget the antihistamine and sip the soup filled with cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli and cabbage and noki, shitake or oyster mushrooms to kick the cold into submission.

Bring help in the form of prevention and disallow the takeover of our bodies from these internal zombies forever on prowl; or before we are subject to the sharp edge of a surgeon’s knife or the singe from a hypodermic needle, a nightmarish scene to be saved only for a Halloween caper in jest and fun.

Listen to the ghouls howling inside, their wicked signals pounding as headaches, joint aches or raspy breathing. De-stress, relax and revitalize and get outdoors for fresh air, moderate exercise and sunshine. Drink pure water so the dead and vanquished toxins are eliminated and the cells can rise up and claim, “This body is clean!”

A dark and stormy night might be riding its way through the lungs of the young or old and might require a look from a doctor but avoid the one with Jekyll or Hyde written on the door.

Forge a relationship with the heroes within that give up their cellular lives for the greater good of your whole. Help them along with healthful living and abide with their requests so the goblins lurking and waiting for their moment of victory falls short in the wake of the strong immune force you’ve nurtured within.

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