NBPD Plans E-Bike Traffic Safety Operation for July 9

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The Newport Beach Police Department will conduct a traffic safety operation on Saturday, July 9, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Newport Beach Police Department’s Traffic Division and Peninsula Enforcement Team (PET) are partnering together in a joint operation to address any unsafe e-bike traffic with heavy enforcement as well as education.

This first operation will focus on the peninsula area to include the oceanfront boardwalk. Additional e-bike traffic safety operations in the city are expected through summer.

Over the last year, the electric bike industry has boomed. E-bikes are now very popular throughout Orange County’s Beach Communities, especially here in Newport Beach. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of e-bikes on the roads, trails, and sidewalks within our community. Unfortunately, the NBPD has also seen a noticeable increase in traffic law violations that have caused some safety concerns.

Both the Newport Beach Police Department and the City of Newport Beach regularly receive complaints regarding e-bikes. The complaints include such things as children not wearing helmets, unsafe operations, California Vehicle Code (CVC) violations, and near collisions between e-bike riders and pedestrians.

The ultimate goal of this operation is to encourage the safe and responsible operation of e-bikes. We will accomplish this by heavily enforcing the law against violators while at the same time educating these e-bike riders on the rules of the road as well as provide e-bike traffic safety tips.

The Newport Beach Police Department believes that this traffic safety operation with both its heavy enforcement and accompanied education will enhance the safety of both the residents and visitors to our community.

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