A New Forum Voice: Kurt English

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By Kurt English

First I would like to thank Scott Peotter for his columns during the last two years, and the Newport Beach Independent for giving me the opportunity to share ideas and information with you every two weeks.

As a student, I came to Newport Beach with friends on vacation and visiting on weekends.  During my last year at USC, my roommate invited me to come to Balboa Island for the weekend in early September.

I remember riding down Jamboree over the crest of the road that Friday afternoon and seeing the panoramic view of the ocean.

Heading past PCH we entered Balboa Island’s main street. The sidewalks were teaming with coeds.

After arriving at his house, we jumped into his Vespa scooter with the sidecar and went to his catamaran. Shortly, we were speeding across Newport Harbor on one pontoon. I thought, “This is way better than where I’m from.”

Those trips left a strong impression. As an adult I moved here. I have lived in different parts of Newport Beach, including Newport Heights, Dover Shores and on the peninsula.  I haven’t been to a better place to body surf than the peninsula in the summer (not Hawaii, not the east coast).

As a parent, I am increasing concerned about the excess of taxation, government borrowing and spending, and the size and scope of government. This irresponsibility could bankrupt our children and grandchildren, leaving them with an unstable word with worse prospects than we had. It’s not right. In some cases, it’s not constitutional either.

Some of my upcoming columns will discuss transparency in government, the threats from over-taxation, and big, arrogant and overbearing government with a focus on the impacts on Newport Beach and its residents.

I am looking forward to the cooperation of city officials in providing information.  Based on my recent cordial contacts with city officials, I am optimistic that they will be helpful. Of course, I’ll report back to you on how they’re doing.

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