Newport Beach Fashion Designer Opens Flagship Boutique

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Jessica Johnson

After more than a year of navigating the financial floodwaters of the pandemic, local businesses are seeing that proverbial light at the end of the retail tunnel.

Newport Beach resident Jessica Johnson, a talented fashion designer whose collections are featured on her website and at local pop-ups, not only sees the light, she’s using that illumination as a beacon to guide her in opening her first boutique featuring a diverse collection of seaside apparel.

Johnson is active in Newport Beach as a member of Newport Harbor Yacht Club, Big Canyon Country Club, and via fundraising efforts for the Newport Beach schools that her four children attend.

Now, she’s also active in her Jessica Johnson Boutique on 17th Street in Costa Mesa, which opened last month.

Jessica Johnson collection

“Maybe it’s a little crazy to open it now, but I feel like things are coming back, and the timing is right,” said Johnson. “People are excited and happy, I think they’re ready to be out and shop and feel good and look good. Everything I create is with a grander vision—creating special moments. I want to create that for people after all the sadness.”

Johnson said that despite her success online and with popups, having a boutique was her dream.

“When I was trying to figure out where to open my first store, none of the locations I looked at felt right,” recalled Johnson. “Friends of mine own this building but it has never really been a retail spot. I walked in a said ‘It’s perfect.’ It’s beautiful.”

It’s also next to the busy restaurant Greenleaf. “I’m probably their best customer,” joked Johnson.

One challenge facing Johnson: a husband and four children. Johnson admits she’s been very busy between her business and her kids, although she has a supportive husband.

“And my parents live locally and are helping, and my friends help,” said Johnson. “They’re my little saints.”

Jessica Johnson Collection

As far as her fashions, Johnson said her designed were more seasonal but during Covid she released what she called a comfort line.

“Don’t we all want to be comfortable?” said Johnson. “I was surprised how well it did.” She explained that her collections are not quite resort wear, but “definitely near the seaside in Capri or something like that. A dream location usually inspires the collection.”

And Jessica Johnson certainly found the dream location for her first boutique. Visit the boutique at Plaza Sereno, 234 E 17th St, Suite 204, Costa Mesa. Visit

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