OCMA’s Calder Exhibit Celebrated

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Chairman of the Board Craig Wells, Curator MCA Chicago Lynne Warren and OCMA Director Dennis Szakacs during the Alexander Calder and Contemporary Art: Form, Balance, Joy preview dinner. Photos by Ryan Miller

Barbara Klein, Victor Klein and Karen Moss.
OCMA Director Dennis Szakacs, Patricia Ellis, Harry Bubb, Pamela Muzzy and James Muzzy.


The Orange County Museum of Art celebrated opening weekend of “Alexander Calder and Contemporary Art: Form, Balance, Joy” with a preview dinner and members’ opening party on April 8 and 9.

Exhibition donors Allan and Tiffany Hunter.

More than 400 museum patrons and members attended the event and grooved to the music by DJ Danny Love, including OCMA Director Dennis Szakacs, exhibit curator Lynne Warren from MCA Chicago, exhibiting artists Nathan Carter, Kristi Lippire and Jason Meadows, along with exhibition sponsors Patricia Ellis and Harry Bubb, Tiffany and Allan Hunter, and Barbara and Victor Klein.

OCMA has garnered an excellent reputation for its presentation of critically acclaimed exhibitions, which draw more than 40,000 visitors annually. Some 15,000 children and adults participate in the museum’s award winning education programs.

The museum’s collection comprises nearly 2,500 objects, with a concentration on the art of California from the early 20th century to present.

For more information, visit www.ocma.net.

Deputy Director OCMA Glenn Peters, Annette Wiley, Craig Wells and OCMA Curator Sarah Bancroft.



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