OEB Breakfast Co. Partners with Second Harvest Food Bank to Celebrate Better Breakfast Month

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(L to R) Truffled Squash and Soul in a Bowl / photo by Chris Trela

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and OEB Breakfast Co. is emphasizing that point by partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank to celebrate Better Breakfast Month this September.

For the entire month of September, when customers order the fan-favorite Soul in a Bowl breakfast bowl, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to Second Harvest Food Bank, which provides nutritional security to families and individuals who do not have access to healthy food options.

So what is Soul in a Bowl?

That’s what I wanted to find out, so I had a late-morning breakfast at OEB with fellow NB Indy scribe Richard Simon. I ordered the Soul in a Bowl, which features beef tallow fried herb potatoes, poached eggs, locally-sourced cheese curds, slow-cooked bacon lardons, and brown butter hollandaise poured on top.

They could easily call this dish “Delicious Decadence” because that’s what it is. I slowly cut into the eggs so that they dripped onto the rest of the ingredients and mixed with the hollandaise. The herbed chunks of potatoes were perfect, the cheese curds a tasty treat, and the bacon was—well, everything is better with bacon, and this bacon did indeed elevate the dish. It’s a hearty way to start your day, and it’s for a good cause.

Soul in a Bowl / Photo by Chris Trela

If something else on the menu catches your attention but you still want to support the cause, guests have the option to donate once the bill arrives.

Something else did catch my eye that day—truffled squash with braised butternut squash and truffle mushrooms, plus more of those amazing fried potatoes along with more hollandaise. I added it to my breakfast order, although I basically admit to ordering two breakfast dishes.

“I don’t know where you put it all,” said Richard.

“Neither do I,” I replied, digging into the Soul in a Bowl and then the squash dish, which I discovered is a somewhat lighter dish than Soul in a Bowl, but not by much due to the potatoes. It’s a nice plant-based alternative and very good, but I would order Soul in a Bowl every time.

Truffled Squash / photo by Chris Trela

Richard chose a simple waffle with maple syrup, which he proclaimed “really good,” which for him is a high compliment.

And in case you’re wondering what OEB stands for, the OEB website says the letters stand for Outstanding People, Embracing Evolution and Bold Food Integrity.

But OEB originated in Canada where it was originally called Over Easy Breakfast, but apparently another restaurant in Canada had that name so it was shortened to OEB Breakfast Co.

Ask diners at the Newport location, and they’ll say it stands for Outrageously Excellent Breakfast.

OEB is open daily for breakfast and lunch. Visit https://us.eatoeb.com/locations/california for menus and more information.

The interior of OEB / photo by Chris Trela
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