Pelican Hill Scores Hole in One with 3D Golf Swing Analysis

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Resort at Pelican Hill's Golf Academy Plateau
Resort at Pelican Hill’s Golf Academy Plateau

“Golf is supposed to be fun,” former PGA champion and Newport Beach resident Fred Couples once said, “but I don’t think anything is fun if you’re not doing it reasonably well.”

MySwing Golf, Inc, the developers of the new MySwing Professional 3D golf swing analysis technology, would surely agree. Their state of the art motion-capture software offers hope to the struggling golfer. For a sport won by mastering physics, it seems fitting that scientific interpretation may fix a golf swing.

golf 1Pelican Hill Golf Academy in Newport Beach is among the first to offer 3D golf swing analysis, a revolutionary way to pinpoint flaws in a golfer’s technique. More precise than video analysis, the 3D method evaluates movement from the ankles all the way to the top of the head, as well as the golf club itself, in up to 18 separate motions.

The one-on-one evaluation takes place over a 2-hour session, including 15 minutes of strapping on 17 sensors that connect wirelessly to a laptop-based application. Once suited, the golfer’s height and wingspan are entered into the computer to create a 3D image of the golfer.

“It’s a simple way to show somebody” what their swing looks like from different angles and at different speeds, says Glenn Deck, director of instruction at Pelican Hill Golf Academy.

Glenn Deck
Glenn Deck

And for a veteran instructor like Deck, who has been at Pelican Hill since it opened in 1991, the use of  3D technology is like access to a moving x-ray of the student’s body and mechanics.

When a golfer enlists the help of a teacher, neither of them can immediately identify a specific fault, says Deck. This technology provides a visible, in-depth example that both golfer and instructor can see.

MySwing is perfect for Pelican Hill, Deck says. “The way we approach instruction is to the teach the individual. Your body size, previous sports you’ve played, all of these things factor into your golf swing. Give me four people, and I’ll show you four different golf swings.”

Golf Academy Instruction (horizontal)For the swing evaluation, the laptop’s video camera captures the golfer in motion. At Pelican Hill, this is done at the resort’s outdoor golf academy atop the driving range. Affectionately known as “Pacific View Tee,” a student will better his swing while enjoying endless coastal views. Once the swing has been captured on the laptop, golfer and instructor watch the replay, and a lesson is constructed around the results.

The MySwing Pro application also saves the golfer’s profile, including kinetic sequences, speeds, angles, and bodily rotations. The golfer receives the information electronically and can use it at future lessons or for his own reference.

Because of the precise detail involved, Deck recommends this kind of instruction for a more advanced golfer looking to tweak a swing, not for a beginner. “We don’t want to over-teach,” he says.

“It’s great for the more tech-minded,” notes Deck, “It’s amazing what this can tell you.”

 Personalized 3D Golf Swing Evaluation at Pelican Hill Golf Academy is $400 for a 2-hour session. Visit pelican or call (949) 467-5810 for more information.

Pelican Hill Golf Clubhouse
Pelican Hill Golf Clubhouse



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