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Scott and Jackie Herr in the Corona del Mar home with their Picfari website
Scott and Jackie Herr in the Corona del Mar home with their Picfari website

A Corona del Mar family has developed a website and app that will help travelers find that perfect shot.

The Herrs have developed Picfari, a site that allows users to browse GPS mapped photos at top travel destinations that include advice on getting the best shot and unique angles for can‘t miss photos, insider tips and recommendations, and instructions on what to do, where to go and when to be there.

“In a nutshell, Picfari.com leads travelers – quickly and easily – through the process of planning and taking well composed, memorable snapshots in popular destinations worldwide,” reads a press release from the new business, which launched March 14.

The site includes more than 15,000 photos of top sights and iconic landmarks in 350 top tourist spots in 32 countries around the globe.

The Newport Beach Picfari, made by Visit Newport Beach, is featured on their website and is one of the best, they said.

Scott and Jackie Herr hope the program will help travelers research, explore, plan, and map out their vacations, and get great photos along the way.

They eventually would like Picfari to become a travel tool that can be used alongside popular sites like tripadvisor.com. It’s becomes second-nature as a trip planning tool, Jackie Herr said.

Picfari has a lot to offer travelers in terms of both trip and photo planning.

Each shot is also coded with accurate GPS/mapping technology so that users can easily locate the photo’s origin spot.

They also include instructions on shutter speed, filters, ISO settings, etc., and more.

Picfari allows users to view a variety of photo possibilities and helps them decide what shot they would like to get.

The fun facts and interesting instructions enrich the Picfari, they said.

Although each photo includes instructions on what the photographer did to get that shot, they’re just recommendations and hopefully offer some inspiration.

“Everyone is going to go and take different shots,” Jackie Herr said.

There are different levels of Picfari, contributors can do as much or as little as they want, Scott Herr said.

It can fit different types of people and styles of travel.

Users can also tag onto an existing Picfari or share their photos with friends and family members through the website or a social media outlet.

“If you like to travel and take photos, Picfari is for you,” they said in the statement. “Whether you take photos with your iPhone, point-and-shoot camera, or advanced DSLR; whether you’re an avid photographer or just an occasional shutterbug; and whether photography is the main focus of your travels – or simply a means to capture the memories of your journey – you’re bound to love Picfari!”

It all started when they decided to take an around the world trip in 2011. In four months they visited 10 countries.

“It was an amazing trip,” Jackie Herr said.

“On that trip we’d lose Scott all the time,” she continued, as he went off to get certain photos and capture the perfect shot.

The family came home from the trip and discussed the photos and the “lost dad” trend.

“We thought, ‘There has to be a way that you could actually scout out some of the best photos that you want to make sure you get,’” she said, so he would have more time to spend with the family and enjoy the trip.

They did some research, but couldn’t find anything that met their needs.

So Picfari was born.

It started out as an idea on a sticky note and now it’s a website and an app.

The couple’s two daughters, Madeleine, 14, and Adrienne, 13, have also helped with the development of Picfari.

Through Picfari, he said, they are trying to help travelers know where to go to get the shot, so they can have more time to enjoy the experience.

“We’re hoping it helps people save some time and be in the moment with their friends or family,” Scott Herr said. “It helps you get the most out of your photo experience when you travel.”

For more info, visit Picfari.com.

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