Residential Burglaries in Colony Community and Villas Fashion Island Community

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A residential burglary recently occurred in The Colony Community between approximately May 6 and May 21.

While the victims were away, an unknown suspect removed a window screen to get into the unit. Inside, the suspect rummaged through the nightstand and ransacked the closet in the master bedroom before fleeing the scene through the front door.

There was no reported Loss. Suspect info not available.

A residential burglary recently occurred in the Villas Fashion Island Community between May 2 and May 22.

While the victim was away, an unknown suspect accessed the rear sliding glass door and shattered a pane in the door to get into the unit. Inside, the suspect went through a nightstand in the master bedroom, a nightstand and dresser in the guest bedroom, and cabinets in the kitchen before fleeing the scene.

Loss is unknown at this time. Suspect info not available.

NBPD says “If you see suspicious activity within your neighborhood (especially at a

home where you know your neighbors are on vacation, have gone out for the evening, or their home is for sale), please call the Newport Beach Police Department immediately at (949) 644-3717.

Please review the Home Security Tips available at

The NBPD website also has a Home Security Checklist that can be used to conduct a security assessment on your home to see what security measures you can take to “harden the target.”

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