Shelter Success Story: Bubbles

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Bubbles came to the Newport Beach Animal Shelter as a stray in October of 2019. The staff soon realized she had a condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia. She fails to move normally so her coordination is wobbly.

This doesn’t stop Bubbles from living a normal life. She bounces around the shelter putting smiles on everyone’s faces.

When it became clear no owner would claim Bubbles, Shelter staff briefly considering putting her up for adoption, but everyone was so enamored with Bubbles they decided to keep her as an official Shelter mascot.

Bubbles is now in the process of “applying for a job” at the NB Police Department. Once hired, she will be “Officer Bubbles” and become part of the Peer Support Team.  Bubbles already brings happiness to so many people and that will continue as she becomes an official member of the Police Department.

To learn more about Bubbles and see her all around town, follow her on Instagram @adventureswithofficerbubbles.

For more information on the Newport Beach Animal Shelter, visit the Friends of the Newport Beach Animal Shelter at

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