Shelter Success Story: Maggie Mae

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Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae, a two-year old black lab, was abandoned in Newport Beach in February 2019. Maggie had had lost the use of her back legs, likely due to a back injury, but still had the spirit of a puppy.

She happily chased balls and retrieved stuffed toys all the while dragging her hindquarters behind on the floor.

Finding Maggie an appropriate adoptive home presented a challenge, but Newport Beach Animal Shelter staff were determined. They borrowed a cart with wheels to support Maggie’s weight and off she went, enthusiastically dragging her human companion along on her first outing!

Soon after, Maggie was fitted with a custom cart purchased by Friends of Newport Beach Animal Shelter and she was ready for a new home.

Maggie’s story attracted quite a bit of media attention, and soon a family who provides services to handicapped children requested an adoption.

Maggie sets a great example of one who has overcome a physical obstacle to live a happy, full life that includes ample loving care in her new, forever home.

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Maggie May


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