Silent And Deep

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* My next car will be a KIA. My new furniture will be from IKEA. Of course all this depends on my not KIA-LING over soon from being shot by someone who shouldn’t have a gun.

* I wanted to avoid saying too much about the Newtown tragedy as even the thought of this slaughter brings this ornery guy to tears. I may be (or was) a staunch conservative, but President Obama is right this time. “Enough is enough.” It’s time the NRA stands up and becomes a part of the solution rather than part of the problem. There is no sensible reason that one percent of the population (those who make up the NRA) should determine how the other 99 percent live or don’t live out their years.

* On a well-known Internet blog someone wrote that if one of the teachers HAD a gun, this massacre could have been prevented. To which I answer, “If the shooter did NOT have a gun this massacre could have been prevented.”

* On a happier note, those who saw the final two days of “The Voice” were well rewarded. I’m usually not a big fan of reality or talent shows but the majesty of this one helped soothe us when we needed it most. It’s not often that the final three contestants out sing the rock-stars who coached and performed with them. One thing in the finalists’ favor was that their words were understandable. The four judges (Adam, Cee Lo, Christina and Blake) set a standard for kindness, enthusiasm and heart that will be hard to topple.

* I’d be amiss by not also mentioning the X-Factor. The three finalists were so good that a three-place tie would have been acceptable to all. Although she came in second, 13-year-old Carly Rose’s rendition of “Hallelujah” the night before may have been the finest performance this neophyte judge ever heard. Kudos to the show for picking up our dimmed spirits for a few hours.

* In his most recent trade as of post time (DH Kendrys Morales for LHP Jason Vargas), Angel General Manager Jerry Dipoto joined the elite list of GM’s. Everyone wondered why Dipoto obtained another outfielder by signing Josh Hamilton. This enabled Dipoto to obtain another left handed starting pitcher without giving up Peter Bourjos or Mark Trumbo. At Kean’s coffee shop I have been debating for months that the Angels should never ever give up that young speed and power. Chalk up one for youth.

* The Freeway Series between the Angels and Dodgers in March 2013 should be one for the ages and a treat for the most dedicated and enthusiastic baseball fans. The lineups could look strangely similar to those we see in the 2013 Baseball All Star Game and The October World Series.

* For those who survived the Dec. 21 end of the world may you have meaningful holidays and a safe and peaceful New Years.

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