Speak Up Newport Hosts January 13 Program on New Housing Units

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Nearly 5,000 new housing units are coming to Newport Beach—where will they be placed?

Speak Up Newport tackles the issue on Wednesday, January 14 during a free virtual Zoom presentation that starts at 4 p.m.

The State of California is requiring Newport Beach to rezone property for an additional 4834 Housing Units with 49 percent of them having to be affordable to low and moderate incomes.

The City of Newport Beach Housing Element Update Committee Chair, Larry Tucker, and the City’s Community Development Director, Seimone Jurjis, explain how they are tackling this problem and if they will most likely be located in your neighborhood.

For the past year the City’s Housing Element Update Committee (HEUC) has been meeting to determine how to meet this State mandate. The Committee has been focusing n the Airport Area, Newport Center, West Newport Mesa, and other selected locations in the City to determine where suitable sites are to place these mandated housing units.

Complicating the issue is figuring out how have nearly half of them be affordable to low and moderate incomes with the high value of real estate in Newport Beach. Once suitable sites are determined by the Committee public input will be sought to determine if they are acceptable to the community.

Several Community Forums have been put on by the City to educate the public on the requirements and process. With the HEUC in the final stages of the suitability analysis as well as their analysis of the methods used to incentivize the production of affordable housing units and the complexities involved this program is an ideal opportunity for the public to hear exactly where the City of Newport Beach is at in this effort and how it may affect their neighborhood.

If you have a question you would like to ask the presenters, please send it to: [email protected].

Attendees will also have the opportunity to submit questions during the Webinar.

To participate in this free Webinar, visit http://www.speakupnewport.com/new-housing-units.

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