Artscapes: All Aboard for ‘Anything Goes’ at Segerstrom Center

It’s “All Aboard!’ for romantic antics of the most de-lightful kind when the Tony Award winning revival of “Anything Goes” arrives at Segerstrom Center for the Arts next week. This timeless musical comedy continues to conjure an era long gone, as once...

Artscapes: Pelican Hill’s Third Annual ‘Festa dell’Autunno’

By Christopher Trela and Catherine Del Casale | NB Indy Autumn is almost here, and with its arrival comes Pelican Hill Resort’s third annual “Festa dell’Autunno,” September 20-22. The Italian themed celebration is fitting for Pelican Hill, which appropriately...

Artscapes: Looking at Public Art

 By Lila Crespin, Ph.D. | Newport Beach Arts Foundation     Let’s say you’re walking on your way to the bank, and you notice a sculpture placed in the landscape. Being a person who really appreciates public art, you stop and admire it, and then look for the plaque...

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Curtain Up: Casting Call for Pageant of the Masters

Can you stand still for 90 seconds? If so, the Pageant of the Masters wants you. Laguna Beach’s iconic Pageant of the Masters celebrates the 80th birthday of living pictures during the summer of 2013, and they’re looking for men, women and children of all sizes and...

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An Afternoon in Italy, in Newport Coast

“Ever been to lunch in the Mediterranean?” I asked my assistant, Catherine. “Chris, you know I’ve been to lunch – and dinner – in Italy many times. Remember I told you about the semester I spent in Florence?” “Then you’ll love our lunchtime destination.” “We’re dining at an...

Finding the ‘Boo’ in Books

“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary…” So begins “The Raven,” the poem by famed gothic writer Edgar Allan Poe. I can think of few passages more apt to describe the haunting feelings we seek out this time of year.  In fact, I can scarcely read those words...

Life Lessons From the ‘Laundry Museum’

“Laundry, parenthood, and indeed, life itself, is entirely how you look at it. So it is here in the laundry room where I begin. Because I believe if you can find joy between the lint and never-ending stream of dirty socks, you can find joy everywhere, everyday.” So says the...

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