The Sustainable You

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Yes, I have eaten quiche and been to a therapist.

Folks are more likely to see a doctor when injured or a dentist for a toothache than a therapist when life hands you lemons.  But, some do seek a coach or a trainer to improve performance.  Hold that thought.

I hope you enjoy exploring the role of yourself in the realm of sustainability.  What good is clean water and air if one cannot truly enjoy?

Jennifer Trestik, Dori Caralto, Hillary Foster and Heidi Headding are the Real Therapists of Orange County.

Enter The Real Therapists of Orange County with a tag line of “Real People … for Real Solutions”. Four like minded therapists, solution focused, all in similar life stages of post family sabbaticals, ready to birth their new private practice within the skin of the group marketing.

Having coffee with two of the bunch was like a community tennis match, where locals Jennifer Trestik, MA, LMFT, long a catalyst of discussion, passionately serves up a typical case study of a family and Dori Caralto, MA, LMFT energetically lobs back a solution oriented possible action plan.

In the symbiotic relationship of the group practice, Trestik focuses on her strength, the children, while Caralto addresses the parents.  Parents often need dedicated therapy oriented around relationships of or positive parenting, while children need tools to cope with life and possible dysfunctional parents, at least temporarily.

From the web site, “We are a group of four unique Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists with a shared philosophy regarding the services we provide. It is our common interest to share with our clients the value of therapy in increasing their overall wellness. We believe that the act of seeking therapy shows a desire for change, balance, life enrichment, and should be responded to with a sincere, caring approach. We as therapists are here to serve as professional guides, helping our clients navigate through a variety of challenges that can become opportunities for growth.”

Sure, like a patient seeking help from a doctor after suffering a broken arm, this team can help when in crisis.  However, like President Kennedy once said, “the time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining”.  Real Therapists of Orange County offer solutions identifying strengths in order to create change and balance while developing a relationship with yourself.   Doesn’t one have to be self aware before one can be aware of their environment?

At a recent event, my kids experienced a Fireman in his full suit intended to get the kids exposed and somewhat comfortable in case of real life emergency.  Does that analogy encourage parents to seek similar exposure for your child’s therapy, providing tools to cope with the everyday and when in crisis?  We teach them how to eat well, exercise, choose good friends.  Can therapy now be a part of a healthy lifestyle instilled in the next generation to achieve a sustainable environment?

Therapy has taught me a concept of “Mind like Water”.  Problems are like stones.  Small stones make small splashes and the mind should treat them as such.  The “mother’s little helper” of today to escape reality is the oxymoronish cultural explosion of Reality TV.  Besides Facebook, what are your coping strategies?

Whether it is a desire to offer your kids the opportunity to develop coping skills with a tool kit to empower their lives or a retiring couple seeking to rediscover the joy, a sustainable community necessitates a sustainable you.  Whether rain or shine, check them out at or on Facebook, and see if there is a fit to your life and lifestyle.

Trestik leaves us with a suggestion, “Put on your oxygen mask first before attending to others”- the sustainable you.

What think? Spring Eco Plans? [email protected]

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