A Simple Courtesy

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    The world spins as we wander through thoughts and burrow through duties, finding ourselves in so many states of being: sad, happy, caring, angry, loving, ignorant, sick, curious, thoughtful, scared, thankful.

   No one escapes the multitude of being-ness that passes through our human souls. All humans run the same story and we must be thoroughly engaged with our own understanding to undertake the task of letting the world go and not take it personally.

   The holiday brings us many wonderful gatherings, delicious treats and the feeling of fun. But it is also the season to find ourselves confronted with angry co-workers, frustrated customers, or thoughtless people who undoubtedly were raised in a barn.

   To keep our own sanity, our own joy and our own magic alive this holiday, employ and engage in the simple act of courtesy.

   Merriam-Webster describes courtesy as “a respectful act or expression.” For me it’s a consideration and cooperation fueled by the generosity of the heart knowing that human kindness reigns supreme.

   I realize the race is on to shop the shops and find the needed gifts, the promised gifts, the anticipated gifts all in the name of hohoho and Mastercard or Visa. We must remember to engage our patience by employing courtesy knowing the waiter serving your meal is doing his best or the sales clerk slowly wrapping your purchase has had a long day on her feet. Your moment in health and happiness takes root in a smile even though you’ve been waiting a long time in line to cash out and the gal in front of you with the finally empty basket of groceries is now pulling out her checkbook.

   If you think about it, it really is an act of genius to let that frown on your face melt up into a smile and move your outlook into a space of joy. Isn’t that what the holidays are truly about?

   I love to see the world moving in motion around courtesy, that humble strength that gives way to peaceful actions. Holding doors open, men or women, the excuse me’s and no, you first are all wonderful acts of courtesy. Don’t misunderstand, it’s not suppressing anger or frustration or impatience. Go scream in your car or abuse a pillow if you are having a rough day and can’t shift out of it.

   Courtesy is a maneuver, a transmutation of a situation regulated by the realization you are not the center of the universe. Courtesy goes deeper than just mere action, becoming goodness by seeing another’s moment in life and transferring happiness to the situation instead of angst. Passing on the feeling of well being is the ultimate gift to give this season because in it is a gift for you. The boost of positive energy engages a link for more positive circumstances to enhance your day, week, life on an ongoing basis.

   For every smile you give someone there will be tenfold smiling back at you. For every thoughtful gesture you give, there will be thoughtfulness surrounding you back from others. And physically you’re whole body gets a jump start from the optimistic vibrations that penetrate at a cellular level where positive feelings infuse the tiny mechanics that make your heart beat or your brain tick and health ensues.

   Take this skill home and give courtesy to your children, wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend, and be fully present with them, finding the largeness in trivial and mundane matters, listening deeply to their moments with more than just your ears.

   Take this holiday season with all its frantic pace and oppressive commercialism and begin it with a courteous gesture. Keep the baton of kindness, compassion and cheerfulness passing to everyone and watch the holidays resonate into higher vibrations all can enjoy.

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