CAZ Training Club in Newport Beach Expands with New Cycle Studio, Remodeled Gym

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CAZ studio in Newport Beach

CAZ Training Club in Newport Beach, a HIIT workout studio that gives back to a different health-related charity each month, has expanded with a new cycling studio in Irvine called CAZ Cycle.

Membership at CAZ will now offer access to both the Newport Beach training club and the Irvine cycling studio.

CAZ opened the first iteration of CAZ Cycle in their original indoor space in Newport Beach, while the HIIT workout classes were still taking place outdoors on the rooftop. In September, CAZ Training Club renovated the indoor studio and moved the HIIT classes back inside, which meant the spin studio needed a new home.

CAZ Cycle

Offering more than just an exhilerating workout, CAZ Training Club (pronounced “cause”) has built a community dedicated to “sweating for a cause.” Each month, the club members work towards an attendance goal and when hit, a portion of that month’s revenue is donated to a health-related non-profit.

And now that CAZ Cycle has a new home, you should see what’s new at CAZ Training Club. The remodel added 750 sq ft, growing the gym from 1,500 to a total of 2,250 sq ft of studio space. CAZ added all new equipment (new dumbbells, barbells, benches, skiergs, medicine balls, etc.), and the new space features colorful murals, art, new flooring, and new lights

Against the odds, CAZ was able to not only survive the pandemic but they thrived, fueled by a dedication to their community and to their mission. From being forced to close their doors, to moving the gym to their parking garage rooftop, to opening a temporary cycling studio, to remodeling their original space and coming back this summer better than ever, their success has allowed them to continue their mission of supporting health related charities and bringing the community together.

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