Color My World

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I love colors.

Colors splashed in nature or saturated on walls or paintings gives the eyes a feast to grab and eat and drink in the happenings of life.

Without colors I find the definition of the world would be lost to shades of grays, imitating a black and white movie left to flicker on movements of days gone past.

Color is alive and present, and imprints life onto everything everywhere instantaneously. But these wonderful mixtures of blues, reds and yellows are not just simply dyes or tints, but reflection of light waves bouncing into our eyes with magical definition.

ROYGBIV or Roy G. Biv, a sequence of hues that make up a rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – create a vivid arrangement wherever life exists.

We use color to define our feelings, such as green with envy, he’s got the blues, or red with rage. We naturally associate colors with emotions that remind us of places or things.

colors 1

The Goldenrod Footbridge spilling over with pink geraniums forever for me imprints the city in that color of happiness and warmth.

Colors heal. They influence the many aspects of our lives that include our mood, mental state and energy level. We are drawn to colors to create balance in our lives, the optimum state of health.

Red is the longest wavelengths of light, and brings to our world heat and energy, and connects to life through blood where passion and love churn our emotions. Red brings vibrancy and enthusiasm and strength. It increases circulation, clears congestion and strengthens willpower.

The color orange, named after the fruit, not the other way around, encourages joy, socializing and optimism. Depression or sadness can be uplifted with orange. In healing, the kidneys, urinary tract and reproductive organs are affected positively with therapy from this color.

Yellow stimulates the intellect and mental processing, and the yellow color of a notepad might mean a better retention of those scribbled down notes. With yellow, an increase in self-worth arises and a sense of well-being and confidence that keeps fear, apprehension and confusion at bay. The digestive system benefits by this, with yellow a stimulating effect on the liver, spleen, stomach, and small intestine.

Green is for balance. Found in the middle of the visible spectrum where the lower colors are stimulating and the upper ones calming, green balances out this spectrum. In times of stress, add the color green to your world for a therapeutic and peaceful tone. Green encourages emotional stability, purity and calmness. Green moves us into a more loving frame of mind, where forgiveness, trust and compassion grow from the heart, with harmony, understanding and adaptability its fruit.

Blue. A calming color, blue helps insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, migraines, and skin irritations. A room in blue is relaxing and healing. Blue soothes. Yet it also enhances speech, communication and artful expression to bring a spirit of soulful purpose.

Indigo, my favorite color of all, expresses twilight, the purple-hue darkness that prompts the blue sky to change into a dark starry night. It’s the in-between where sight becomes limited and intuition takes over. Indigo strengthens the immune system, lymph system and helps purify and cleanse the body. The ability to see things from a higher viewpoint away from egotistical satisfactions expresses itself through this color.

And violet, a form of purple that forms a regal tone wherever it goes, is the highest color in the visible spectrum. It relates to spiritual awareness, donating a reverence for all life and humanitarian views, and creates a calming environment ideal for meditation where mental focus and strength is tested and universal connection sought.

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