Crown Ace Hardware Empowers Local Causes, Surpasses $5K in Fundraising for Newport Junior Guards

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Crown Ace Corona del Mar team presenting a check for $5,000 to Jack Shimko and Kel from the NAC + We Are Ocean.

Crown Ace Hardware, a prominent establishment with three stores serving the Newport Beach and Corona del Mar areas, has emerged as a steadfast advocate for local organizations through its unwavering support and dedicated fundraising efforts.

“We support the community from a grassroots level. We have three stores in Newport beach, but each part of town is a small community that they serve,” explained Mark Schulein, Crown Ace owner and a graduate of Corona del Mar High School.

Last month, the hardware stores and the community came together to collectively raise funds for the esteemed Newport Junior Guards program, with the anticipated total surpassing an impressive $5,000.

“The junior lifeguards are impactful to our community’s youth,” noted Schulein. “It’s one of the premier junior lifeguard programs in the country. It’s a rite of passage for kids that grow up in our community.”

Demonstrating their enduring commitment to philanthropy, this month Crown Ace Hardware has launched another charitable endeavor: a “round up” fundraiser benefiting the Ben Carlson Memorial and Scholarship Foundation, named after the heroic Newport Beach lifeguard who died trying to rescue a swimmer in distress over the July 4 weekend in 2014. Ben was the first and only Newport Beach Lifeguard to die in the line of duty since the service was formed in 1923.

Crown Ace customers can “round up” their purchase to the nearest dollar and help Crown Ace raise money and awareness for the foundation, which provides scholastic scholarships and ocean safety instruction.

Crown Ace’s Mark Schulein and Graham Harvey with Newport Beach Junior Guards and the $6,000 raised in June 2022

The passion and generosity exhibited by Crown Ace Hardware extend far beyond its role as a leading hardware retailer. The company has cultivated a reputation as a crucial pillar of support for several exceptional local organizations. In addition to the Newport Junior Guards and the Ben Carlson Foundation, Crown Ace has provided invaluable assistance to NAC + We Are Ocean Campaign, Wildlife Care Center, Project Hope Alliance, American Red Cross, Open Water, and the Children’s Miracle Networks.

Over the past decade alone, Crown Ace Hardware has raised more than $1 million for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, with nearly half a million allocated to the renowned CHOC Children’s. These staggering figures reflect the tremendous impact Crown Ace has had on the lives of countless children in need.

A visit to Crown Ace Hardware promises more than just exceptional customer service; it presents an opportunity to contribute to local causes that uplift and transform the community. By extending their support to organizations such as the Newport Junior Guards and the Ben Carlson Foundation, Crown Ace Hardware is actively fostering a positive and vibrant community environment.

The monthlong fundraiser in July for the Ben Carlson Foundation marks yet another chapter in Crown Ace Hardware’s ongoing mission to make a difference. Customers are encouraged to visit any of the three Crown Ace Hardware stores, not only to experience the unparalleled service but also to engage in meaningful contributions that directly impact the welfare of the local community.

“Not only do we want to be, I believe it’s our job to be relevant, engaged and part of the community,” said Schulein. “Every store selects the local organizations they want to work with.”

“I have a mantra I live by,” added Schulein. “Whether it’s business, giving, leadership, I have a passionate pursuit of progress. As long as we’re moving forward, as long as we’re constantly improving and focusing on making whatever we’re doing better, anything we do, I want to constantly be raising the bar. For me, progress equals happiness. That’s something I try to instill in our folks all the time.”

With that passionate commitment to philanthropy that comes from the heart, perhaps Crown Ace Hardware should be known as Crown Ace Heartware.

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