Cruising to Baja

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Eight days ago I said farewell to the love of my life, who allowed me to join one of the owners of the international printing company “Primary Color” and Hatteras sport fisher “Sundance,” to accompany the 40-yacht fleet FUBAR with support of the Newport Harbor Yacht Club.

We will meet up along the Pacific side of Baja, California at Magdalena Bay, Turtle Bay, Cabo San Lucas and La Paz.

We departed (tardy by one hour) from the Ardell Brokerage and Marina to the Hotel Coral Marina, north of Ensenada, to fuel for the next leg and pick up last minute supplies. Two other crew members are aboard with one of them an avid big game sport fisherman and tournament champion.

At 0400 hours tomorrow we depart for the next leg. Yesterday we agreed it prudent to top off the bait tanks in San Diego Harbor which added about two hours to our first leg.

While in San Diego bay we obtained some spare parts at the San Diego Marine Exchange, which has one of the largest yacht parts inventory in Southern California.

We passed by the mega yacht “Invictus” which (by special permit) moored in Newport Harbor for a few weeks. One berth over was a 140-foot Swath motor yacht.

A Swath has a similar appearance to a catamaran. Catamarans are noted for their sea-kindly stability versus monohull boats. Swaths are known for even better stability as the engines, generators, fuel and water tanks are inside a torpedo-shaped tube below the water line.

I read in an international yacht magazine about two years ago of this very vessel. The owner wanted his wife to accompany him boating but she easily could become seasick. The steady ride of their yacht allowed her to enjoy a circumnavigational trip without the effects of seasickness.

A following article mentioned their voyage, and it would appear they are venturing on their second around-the-world trip.

Our trip south yesterday had prime conditions of warm weather and calm seas. Our road trip today to immigration officials allowed us to obtain our trip visas. The view from a bluff on our return showed an off-shore fog bank which is not unexpected from the previous three to four days of summer-like weather.

Tomorrow we will cruise beside Cedros Island which we hope will include prime fish action. The water temperature is similar to Newport but should increase as we venture south. Two crew members taxied to the Ensenada Costco, and the other crew member and I topped off the fuel tanks.

More to follow!

Maybe Sea Ya in Baja,

Skipper Steve

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