Drones Now Capture a Once Unavailable World

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Whether people know it or not, many of the must-have technological advantages that we enjoy every day stemmed from the researches of the global military establishment.  To name a few: microwave ovens, field glasses, duct tape, the internet, GPS and drones.

If you watch cable or network TV news, many of the aerial videos and stills are now produced by reporters or their camerapersons using an ever-expanding fleet of drones of various sophistication.

Once thought of as child’s toys, the drones available to the public today are extraordinarily reliable machines capable of saving themselves by returning home autonomously should they be flown out of range, avoiding obstacles that careless “pilots” may have missed, and taking videos and snapping photos of the highest quality while tracking an object or creature.

Drones of varying “talents” range between $25 and $3,000, depending on features and extras. On-line researches are a must, as well as talking to retailers (who may be biased according to their inventories), and drone users (who may be partial to their brand).

Yes, drones are becoming indispensable tools for a broad range of people and professions, from police to delivery companies. Newport Beach drone pilots must be aware of FAA rules, and know that you can’t fly within five miles of Orange County Airport. In fact, one’s drone will automatically shut down when airborne too close to the airport – a safety feature for all.

For the majority of us, the underlying purpose of drone ownership is fun coupled with discovery.  They provide a new perspective of the world that just a few years ago was unavailable to us earthlings.

Here is a sample of some of the photos taken along the Newport Beach coastline from my new drone.

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