Hoag Digestive Health Institute Opens Comprehensive Clinic Focused on Whole-Person Care

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In its ongoing commitment to whole-person care, Hoag Digestive Health Institute has announced the opening of a new, comprehensive clinic that brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts who collaborate to provide a treatment plan tailored to each patients’ unique digestive health condition.

Focused on managing chronic and benign conditions through lifestyle and wellness approaches while also offering the latest medical and surgical advances from leading clinical experts, the Hoag Digestive Health Institute Clinic provides programs and services to help patients and families throughout their digestive health journey.

World-renowned physician specialists in advanced endoscopy, bariatric surgery, colorectal surgery, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), liver disease, foregut (esophagus and stomach), midgut (pancreas, biliary and gallbladder), and related specialties are co-located in the new clinic with registered dietitians, licensed therapists and dedicated nurse navigators providing convenient access to comprehensive care.

Located at the Hoag Health Center Mike & Lori Gray Campus in Newport Beach, the clinic has immediate access to other Hoag services ranging from lab tests and imaging to yoga, Pilates, Reiki, mindfulness exercises and pelvic-floor therapy.

“When we talk about comprehensive health at Hoag, we focus on ‘comprehensive’ from the patient’s experience. This means that not only do we offer the most cutting-edge facilities, equipment and access to clinical trials, we also put in patients’ hands the ability to take control of their health journey,” said Robert T. Braithwaite, president and CEO of Hoag. “Hoag is unique in its team-based approach to whole-person patient care, and this new Digestive Health Institute Clinic is a reflection of that.”

Thomas Hutchinson, executive director of Hoag Digestive Health Institute

“Managing chronic and benign conditions first involves lifestyle and wellness approaches that leverage technology, best practices and non-invasive treatments,” said Caroline Hwang, M.D., a board-certified gastroenterologist and director of the Margolis Family Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Program. “By housing all of a patient’s resources under one roof, we are best able to serve patients thoroughly and comprehensively.”

The clinic also includes consultation rooms onsite for registered dietitians, care counselors and nurse navigators who help further personalize a patients’ entire experience and connect them to impactful resources throughout Hoag.

This unique comprehensive care model is made possible in part by Hoag’s philanthropic community, which, in addition to navigation, nutrition guidance, and more, has funded many of the latest technologies in Hoag’s GI labs to drive innovation and improve patient recovery.

“When it comes to chronic GI conditions, a special focus must be paid to the mind-gut connection. From liver disease to obesity to IBD, digestive disease affects mental, physical and spiritual health,” said Elizabeth Raskin, M.D., surgical director of Hoag’s IBD Program. “Hoag’s approach to patient well-being is unparalleled both locally and nationally. We’re here to provide integrative care that improves not only digestive function, but whole-person health.”

Through its dedication to patient care, Hoag has attracted Dr. Raskin and other renowned specialists to join physicians experts such as Adrian Dobrowolsky, M.D., director of the Hoag Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss Program, and John Lipham, the James & Pamela Muzzy Endowed Chair in GI Cancer and director of the Foregut Cancer Program, to form a “dream team” of digestive health experts.

Another of these experts is Tse-Ling Fong, M.D., FACP, FAASLD, director of the Hoag Liver Program.

“Very few hepatologists lead liver programs in Orange County. The fact that Hoag has asked me to run the program represents its commitment to support our liver disease patients,” said Dr. Fong, who is fellowship-trained in both hepatology and gastroenterology.

“Taking care of patients with complex conditions is our specialty. From state-of-the-art medical management to cutting-edge surgical technology, we focus on comprehensive IBD care. At Hoag, we build a team around you,” Dr. Raskin said.

The Hoag Digestive Health Institute Clinic is located at 500 Superior Avenue, Ste. 100, Newport Beach, CA. For more information, call 888-574-8029 or visit hoag.org/digestive.

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