Insights: The Wisdom of the Seasons

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What a wonderful weekend we had—warm with a slight ocean breeze, perfect weather to attend the Newport Wine and Food Festival. We are so spoiled with an incredible array of fantastic restaurants in our city, each bringing something unique and exquisite. What a fun way to spend a few hours.

There are so many events in Newport Beach that it is difficult to keep up with them all.

By the way, my visit to the wine and food festival came after hiking through Crystal Cove and gazing out at the ocean, then driving past Corona del Mar where the Sand Castle Competition was happening. Need I say more?  Newport is full of activities whatever season it is, but I think fall is my favorite time of year.

Even though the days are getting shorter, the sunsets are getting brighter and more colorful. We can now start to rest more and savor the adventures that we experienced over summer.

The best thing about fall: it’s pumpkin time. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin coffee, just to name a few. I am still getting used to pumpkin pie, as in New Zealand where I am from we use pumpkin to make soup, not pies.  You have to try it sometime, it is truly good.

By the way, at the Wine and Food Festival, they had my favorite New Zealand dessert, Pavlova. What a treat!

When I think about it, every season brings us something special. It gives us a chance to reflect, to look at the coming months and appreciate that we have now experienced another season. To me, each season brings us something wonderful. What is fascinating is that the seasons also affect the body and our emotional state.

Just look at nature and how each season allows plants to go through their growth process, allowing it to hibernate and then create new growth. I believe seasons also do this for us both emotionally and physically.

Fall, for me, is a time of year to slow down. Yet it is still a time to go and enjoy the outdoors. There is more peacefulness in the air, a quietness as people go back to their jobs and schools, and the beaches are less crowded. I enjoy this quieter time. Therefore, I tend to use this time to settle down and reflect, to start planning for the holidays and explore what I would like to see in the New Year.

I have learned after this year with my broken shoulder and back surgery to write all goals in pencil.

Winter allows our body and mind to settle, to rest, to regroup. Just as in nature where this stillness allows re-growth to happen, this also allows our bodies and minds a sort of re-growth. During shorter days our body naturally wants to sleep more, and eat more. I allow this time to be more with myself, attune to who I am. This is a season where you do not see the growth yet our bodies are internally preparing for spring.

Spring allows us to come out of this restful time to where we start wanting to make plans. Our energy starts to increase and our mood lighten. Excitement starts to build—it’s a chance for new growth to happen.

Summer is next where the days become longer, the weather warmer and the opportunity to enjoy many social activities.

If we allow our body and mind to be in sync with the seasons, we will find ourselves more content, settled and joyful.

Lean into the seasons and allow their influence to share their great wisdom.  Life has a flow, trust it.

Take a breath, watch the sunset tonight and allow the blessings and wisdom that are being shown to us.

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” Henry David Thoreau.

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