Newport Beach General Plan Steering Committee Agenda for Wednesday, May 3

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The city of Newport Beach is looking into a General Plan update.
— Art courtesy city of Newport Beach

The Newport Beach General Plan Steering Committee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, May 3 at 6 p.m. at Marina Park, 1600 West Balboa Blvd.

General Plan Steering Committee members include Phillip Brown, Kimberly Carter and Nancy Gardner.

Staff Members: Seimone Jurjis, Community Development Director; Jim Campbell, Deputy Community Development Director; Ben Zdeba, Principal Planner.

At the General Plan Update Steering Committee Meeting, the committee is scheduled to fill vacancies on the committee.

At the March 22, 2023, GPUSC meeting, four applicants were recommended for
appointment to fill vacant seats of the GPAC. However, only two vacancies were
posted by the City Clerk’s Office, and since that time, an additional member

There are therefore now three remaining vacant seats to fill.

Recommended Action for the committee: Discuss each GPUSC member’s list of most-qualified and best-suited candidates and, if appropriate, identify the one most qualified applicant for recommendation to the City Council as an appointment to the GPAC.

The GPUSC should consider reconfirming Susan DeSantis and Harrison Rolfes as
recommended applicants to fill two prior vacancies. In total the new applicant and the
two previous applicants would fill the three vacant seats.

Also on the agenda, the committee will consider hiring Dudek as the Recommended Consultant for General Plan Consulting Services. Staff will provide an update on the technical evaluation, cost file, and scope of services.

Recommended Action: Consider making a recommendation to the City Council that
the City enter into agreement with Dudek to assist with the comprehensive update.

As mentioned at the March 22, 2023, GPUSC meeting, City staff is recommending
moving the timeline for the Charter Section 423 vote out from March 2024 to
November 2024. This will allow additional time for input from the GPUSC, GPAC,
and the community on the policy changes and zoning overlays required to implement the Housing Element. This item is also on the GPAC’s agenda.

Recommended Action: Review the GPAC’s recommendation, discuss and consider
making a recommendation to City Council that the Charter Section 423 vote be
delayed until November 2024.

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