OC Community Foundation Helps Nonprofits Raise $1.6M in 2019

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The Newport Beach-based Orange County Community Foundation hosted a series of Collaborative Giving Days throughout 2019, bringing together nonprofits with shared missions to boost collective giving and their capacity to serve the community, officials announced recently.

Shelley Hoss, OC Community Foundation president and CEO, at the OCCF Annual Meeting on Nov. 20
— Photo courtesy of OCCF ©

According an OCCF press release, the eight Giving Days held throughout the year raised more than $1.6 million to benefit 77 local nonprofits through the support of more than 3,000 donors.

Collaborative Giving Days held in 2019 included:

  • Love Is: A Giving Day to support healthy teen relationships in Orange County raised $89,643 for seven nonprofits
  • Protect & Preserve: A Giving Day to sustain the ecosystems of Orange County raised $75,685 for five nonprofits
  • Help Them Home: A Giving Day for OC’s homeless raised $832,095 for 17 nonprofits
  • Empowering Possibilities: A Giving Day for OC neighbors with disabilities raised $77,387 for eight nonprofits
  • Stand & Salute: A Giving Day to honor OC veterans and military families raised $90,445 for 11 nonprofits
  • Preserving Dignity: A Giving Day for OC seniors raised $73,056 for five nonprofits
  • Greatness Amplified: A Giving Day for all Boys & Girls Clubs in Orange County raised $280,965 for 15 nonprofits
  • Igniting Potential: A Giving Day to support the youth of Orange County raised $127,985 for nine nonprofits

“The second year of the Collaborative Giving Days exceeded our highest expectations,” OCCF president and CEO Shelley Hoss said in a prepared statement. “OCCF is in a unique position to forge meaningful connections between local nonprofits. We are proud to have empowered them to collectively widen their circle of engagement, bolster their visibility, and in partnership with generous donors and our compassionate community, tackle some of the most important issues facing our county.”

OCCF first challenged Orange County residents to “give where their heart lives” during the inaugural i-heart oc Giving Day in 2015, raising more than $1.8 million through gifts to 347 participating nonprofits in just 30 hours, according to officials. OCCF nearly doubled those results in 2016 during the second annual i-heart oc Giving Day, receiving contributions totaling $3.2 million for 418 participating groups.

According to the press release, OCCF envisioned an even more promising model for future impact in 2018, transforming the annual i-hear oc Giving Day into multiple collaborative Giving Days held throughout the year, with Orange County nonprofits taking the lead.

Since 2015, the Giving Days have generated more than $8 million for OC organizations.

For more information, visit oc-cf.org or call (949) 553-4202.

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