Results of the Governor’s Cup

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There are two regattas of special recognition, the most recent being the 47th internationally prestigious Governor’s Cup, which concluded last Sunday following five days of match racing.

“Aussies Win the Cup!” was the headline on the host Balboa Yacht Club website on Monday.

I already knew that due to leaving the harbor Sunday afternoon skippering the 56-foot Sunseeker “Unlimited.” We were part of a contingent of well-wishers tootin’ our horns in congratulations. The local Harbor Patrol fireboat with blue lights flashing and a ferocious water blast shot from the water cannon lead the classic Grand Banks motor yacht, which towed the winning sloop with crew flaunting their yacht club burgee and Australian flags for bravado. What a site to see!

Several foreign countries and other states were participating along with several clubs in California, and naturally our local sailors.

Congratulations to host Balboa Yacht Club for their members taking a very respectful third place trophy. Balboa Yacht Club had their best finish in 30 years. All of these under 21 year old sailors who participated will be the future regatta winners all over the world in the future. As I have stated many times in the past, we truly have a very impressive international harbor and boating community.

The New Zealand Yacht Squadron placed second and San Francisco Yacht Club earned the prestigious Chet Purcell Trophy for showing outstanding sportsmanship (presented by club Staff Commodore Tom Purcell, son of the skipper for whom the trophy is named).

Newport Harbor Yacht Club placed ninth in the series and will be quite a contender next year.

Last weekend the weather was overcast with lighter than normal wind. Sunday the red flag was flying at the lifeguard tower at the Wedge and the ocean conditions included large swells with a lot of chop and shifty winds throughout the afternoon.

When back at the marina slip in the early evening the wind was nil. One of the guests on “Unlimited” chimed that there was some exasperation that he was feeling after the hot sunny days during the week while at work following the gloomy weekend weather. That’s part of boating too!

 Sea Ya,

Skipper Steve


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