Sailing and Fishing Results

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As mentioned in my last column, the sailboat racing season is off to a big start.

The following are the award winning sailors and clubs that excelled last weekend.

Congratulations to boating columnists John Drayton and Len Bose for winning in their respective classes. Also, last week I noted the local history of the Corkett family and noticed Tom Corkett placed 7th in the very large Harbor 20 fleet, which is quite formidable.


Harbor 20 – Class A:

1)      NHYC – Bill Menninger

2)      NHYC – Phil Stemler

3)      NHYC – Kurt Wiese

Harbor 20 – Class B:

1)      NHYC – John Drayton

2)      NHYC – Nik Froehlch

3)      SLBYC – Len Connelly

7)      NHYC – Tom Corkett

Harbor 20 – Class C:

1)      WORSA – Ted Reed

2)      NHYC – Dick Somers

3)      NHYC – Jan Houghton

Lehman 12:

1)       NHYC – Nick Madigan

2)      David Camerini

3)      NHYC – Dwight Belden


Class A:

1)       NHYC – Charles Brewer, Jr.

Class B:

1)       BCYC – Len Bose

2)      ALYC – Tim Harmon

3)      BCYC – Dan Rossen


Class C:

1)      SBYC – Caleb Everett

2)      BYC – Rosene Family

3)      BCYC – John Szalay

BALBOA YACHT CLUB                            HARRY WOOD – March 23

Lido 14  – Class A:

1)       ABYC – Bruce Golison

2)      ABYC – Kevin Thomas

3)      ALYC and MBYC – Stu Robertson

Lido 14 – Class B:

1)       ABYC – Adam El Shehanie

2)      ALYC – Jock McGraw

3)      ALYC – Tony Lange

The Balboa Angling Club recently held their 2013 Awards Ceremony. The following is a short list of notable anglers for the past season. For the award winners I’ve left out, my apologies as my column space is limited.

Angler of the Year is Greg Taite, a repeat of 2012. The Angling Club members set seven world records, continuing their notoriety from the beginning of rod and reel fishing to the present. Additional highlights are club record breaker Dan Fultz for his 63 pound 10 ounce white sea bass, and first marlin of the season by a woman, Kathy Ecklund.

Most marlin tagged was seven by Kea Kai, which is the name of the Commodore of Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club’s yacht. The most species caught on fly tackle was awarded to Jeff Caprine.

April 5 is the PHRE 66 Series Regatta at Balboa Yacht Club. The second race is May 17, and the final race of the season is May 31.

Congratulations and Tight Lines!

Sea Ya,

Skipper Steve

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