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Racing With Skipper Steve at the Helm

I always find it interesting to talk to visitors who have never boated in our harbor. A little more than a week ago, I stood in for my friend Captain Rick and piloted a 36-foot Bennetau sloop in a fun off-shore sailboat race from the jetty bell buoy to a bell buoy two miles off...

Regatta Season

Weeks ago I mentioned we were off to an enthusiastic start of the sailing season. Lately the wind has been cooperating with the many local regattas. Last weekend saw a successful Senior Sabot Nationals held out of Lido Isle Yacht Club. A large fleet was in full force. Nancy...


Waterfront: Wooden Boat Festival Raises Hull

Next Saturday, June 6, is the 2nd Annual Wooden Boat Festival, held at Balboa Yacht Club. This delightful event was once part of the old Newport Harbor Nautical Museum, and has been revamped by sponsors and the Balboa Yacht Club. Wooden boat festivals are held in every boating...

Waterfront: Drop Anchor at Newport Boat Show

Next Thursday through Sunday, May 14 Р17,  is the 42nd annual Newport Boat Show in Lido Marina Village. Thursday the show starts at noon, the other days start at 10 a.m. The shows end at 7 p.m. each day, except 5 p.m. on Sunday, although experience shows many brokers and...

Mega Yachts in Newport Harbor

Wow! While the calendar may say spring, the warm weather and volume of boat and yacht use says summer, summer, summer. As you can see by my photo, the 200-foot-plus Invictus has visited our humble harbor once again. I had planned, upon its return, to putt over and interview the...