Artscapes: Looking at Public Art

 By Lila Crespin, Ph.D. | Newport Beach Arts Foundation     Let’s say you’re walking on your way to the bank, and you notice a sculpture placed in the landscape. Being a person who really appreciates public art, you stop and admire it, and then look for the plaque...

Sunday is Fun Day at Lido Village Artisan Market

It’s Sunday, and the fresh morning air is rich with scents, sights, sounds–earthy herbs tangle with summer-sweet berries, sun-bright pillows hung with flair complement vividly hued paintings, and the beauties of sunflowers and music bless the day while paper lanterns...

Artscapes: Hidden Public Art in Newport Beach

 By Lila Crespin, Ph.D. | Newport Beach Arts Foundation It’s strange to know that I’ve walked among a great sculptor’s creations in Newport Beach and never known the artist’s name or the extent of his fame. The City of Newport Beach  may have more Tom Van Sant sculptural works...

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Curtain Up

Curtain Up: Hamburg Ballet presents The Little Mermaid at Segerstrom Hall Feb 8 – 10

The experience of feeling oneself on the outside of life’s party, looking in the window and longing to be a part of things, isn’t the sole provenance of artists and writers. Those emotions can resonate with anyone at any time. It’s an almost inevitable part of life, and a...

A Mother of a Hat Trick at SCR

By Tom Shelton │ NB Indy It’s too bad that all the kerfuffle over a play’s title – “Motherf**ker with the Hat” – might keep some audiences away from a worthy new American play. They’d miss a play that is accessible, painfully funny and never less...

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Under Cover: Books

Write Your Own Story

I had a totally different column planned for today, one with a holiday theme sure to inspire cheer in all. However, as I sit down to write it, I find that, like folks all across the nation, my thoughts keep returning to the tragic events that took place last week in Connecticut....

Advent Reading

If your family is anything like mine, life is busy. Add to that busyness a holiday complete with its own section at Target (one that requires shopping, and decorating, and a massive amount of planning in order come off without a hitch), and you have a glimpse of what December...

Books for Cooks

Calling all cooks: anyone wanting to break out a stellar new dish to impress the in-laws this holiday season will want to pencil in a trip to Williams-Sonoma at South Coast Plaza at least once this next week. Williams-Sonoma, the home chef’s best friend, will play host this week...

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